Golf is a game of skill and luck. By many it's also the game they love to hate the most. The sport of Golf is a simple concept - hit a ball into a hole - but the reality is much more complicated.
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Gary Player maintained his body in peak condition, abstaining from alcohol, tobacco and coffee. Player has become famous for his contributions to civil rights in the golfing community. Learn about Gary Player and his work ethic.

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Tom Watson

Tom Watson was a master of approach shots and the short game. Watson won two Masters tournaments beating Jack Nicklaus in both events. His last Tour win came in 1996. Learn how Tom Watson captured 28 tournament wins including eight majors.

Tom Kite

Tom Kite has earned more than $9 million in PGA Tour earnings. He has earned nearly ten million dollars of the course of a 25 year career even though he plays more for recreation than a job. Learn more about Tom Kite's successful golfing career.


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