Golf is a game of skill and luck. By many it's also the game they love to hate the most. The sport of Golf is a simple concept - hit a ball into a hole - but the reality is much more complicated.
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Patty Berg was one of the first women pro golfers and won 50 tournament titles. She played an instrumental role in reorganizing the then defunct Women's Professional Golf Association.

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What is the world's longest golf course?

Golfers who dig the long ball also dig long golf courses. Usually, golf courses are measured in yards, but Australia's Nullarbor Links is so long that it's measured in kilometers.

How the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing Works

When the stack and tilt swing hit the media, many long-time golfers pushed back their visors and scratched their heads. This swing runs counter to the traditional golf swing. But for some golfers, it really works. Why?


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