October 1 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Libras born on October 1 have a bold and uncompromising spirit and an ability to come back from hard times. They enjoy being in the spotlight but have too much grace to appear egotistical or vain. October 1 men and women understand the need to build their future on past successes. They have an instinct for making the right decision.


Friends and Lovers

Friends play a pivotal role in the lives of October 1 men and women. They have a wide variety of social contacts but a small circle of very intimate friends. October 1 individuals are extremely romantic. They fall in and out of love quickly. Once married, they will strive to keep the romance alive.

Children and Family

Family life has a major impact upon the lives of October 1 individuals. Their idyllic childhood may make them nostalgic for the past. They have the best intentions of fulfilling their parental roles, yet may find themselves preoccupied with career responsibilities. They do set rules that provide social and spiritual guidance.


Because of their generally upbeat nature, October 1 men and women have little problem dealing with stress. Generally moderate in all things, these people usually keep their weight down. Even though they hate to sweat, they usually keep up a regular workout program.

Career and Finances

October 1 individuals are often drawn to careers that give them a chance to show their commitment to the less fortunate. Perhaps because they know only too well how much they enjoy spending hard-earned cash on beautiful things, they may not trust themselves with money.


Dreams and Goals

October 1 natives have the spirit to overcome adversity, which gives them great satisfaction because it allows them to demonstrate their true mettle. They seek harmony in all aspects of life. This can require some sacrifices in personal relationships, but they are glad to make those sacrifices if it provides peace of mind.

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