Capricorn Compatibility in Love, Friendship and Work

By: Dominique Michelle Astorino  | 
Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure, rules and governments. Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock

If your birthday falls between Dec. 21/22 and Jan. 19/20, you're likely a Capricorn sun. In astrology, this means you're born under the sign of the determined sea goat — and you might be curious about Capricorn compatibility when it comes to romance, friendships and the workplace. How's your Taurus compatibility? Does a Scorpio-Capricorn coupling typically lead to "happily ever after"? Should a Capricorn woman stay away from Aquarius, the water bearer?

To answer all this and more, we consulted master astrologer Shannon Aganza, creator of MoonGathering Astrology and Numerology Coursework. She says if you've got your sights (or heart) set on a Capricorn, prepare to take things slow. "Something I've seen in my practice for years is a client bringing me a potential partner's chart and they've fallen for a Capricorn," she says. "If you're looking to lock something in, it can feel like an eternity, but don't let that be a dealbreaker. If a Capricorn has shown interest in you, and they're there, it's real. A Capricorn relationship is solid at every step. They just move slowly and deliberately."


Astro Compatibility 101

To understand compatibility in the zodiac, you need first to understand synastry. Synastry is how we look at astrological compatibility between people (and even events). When you talk about astro match-making, you're talking about synastry. It looks at two charts together — your chart and the chart of the other person (or persons). Synastry is not just your sun sign. It also takes into account the houses and the placement of planets like Mars and Venus.


Get to Know the Capricorn Personality

Even if you weren't born in late December or early January, you still have Cap somewhere in your chart. To understand Capricorn compatibility, we must first understand the 10th energy of the zodiac signs.

Aganza says that because this sign is ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure, rules and governments, Caps are the ones that will set — and rigidly stick to — their own internal set of rules when it comes to making a relationship work. "They may set a rule that they won't say 'I love you' or move in with you for three months, one year, etc." says Aganza. "But in the long term, there's more payoff if you're looking for security and stability."


Capricorn Personality Traits
  • Element: Earth (solid, stable, practical)
  • Modality: Cardinal (initiation, leadership, action, drive)
  • Symbol: Sea goat (half goat, half fish)
  • Planetary rulership: Saturn
  • Light energy: When Capricorn is happy and balanced, this energy is ethical, well-planned, concentrated, determined, disciplined, empowered, driven (strong work ethic!), ambitious, responsible and strategic
  • Shadow energy: When Capricorn is out of balance, this can lead to rigidity, coldness/lack of emotion, pessimism and cynicism, work-obsession, restriction, judgment and materialism


Most Compatible Signs with Capricorn

A simple way to understand compatibility? Elements. In astrology, there are four: fire, air, water and earth. Fire and air are the yang-type elements (active) while water and earth are the yin-type (passive).

Capricorn is an earth sign, just like Virgo and Taurus. When two Capricorn suns come together, they form a conjunction: a (typically) positive, harmonious placement. When Capricorn comes together with Taurus or Virgo, the two signs form another harmonious aspect called a trine. Simply put, earth signs play well together (yay Taurus-Capricorn pairs)!


Earth also "plays well" with water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces); these are the two yin-type elements in astrology. The Capricorn-and-Scorpio compatibility works out because these signs form a sextile, which again, is (typically) positive. The Cancer-Capricorn situation creates an opposition (they're on opposite sides of the zodiac wheel), which can be a good match if you believe that opposites attract. Pisces compatibility is equally promising, as long as the partners can strike a balance with each other.

This simple concept of elements allows you to better understand compatible matches with other zodiac signs. "You can already deduce that the other earth signs (especially Virgo) and water signs inherently desire the same things as Capricorn," says Aganza.

This doesn't mean that a Capricorn won't get along with someone whose sun falls into a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) or air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) — it depends on other aspects in the charts. "There's so much more to look at," says Aganza, "Different signs, even in disparate elements, can find can find similar interests and commonalities that are beneficial." That said, you may find a little less luck with Libra-Capricorn or Aquarius-Capricorn pairs.


Capricorn Love Compatibility

"More than any other zodiac sign, time is a key factor in unlocking all the wonderful layers of the Capricorn heart," says Oak, founder of Oak Astrology School in Los Angeles. "Little by little, you may experience more of them — and that means that the investment of the long haul can grow a seemingly lukewarm connection into a rich and fulfilling relationship."

Aganza echoes this sentiment. "Capricorns are thinking about the long term, not the short term," she says. "We easily see this in money — Caps tend to have the best 401ks and investment portfolios, but they don't typically spend 'fun money' in little amounts. They're focused on long-term security." She says the same applies to relationships — don't take it personally when a Cap takes a pragmatic approach and doesn't want to spend money on you for fun little luxuries. The down-to-earth Cap may not appreciate the finer qualities of splurge-worthy goods, so take this opportunity to respectfully diverge from one another's perspectives. "Save your own 'fun money!" she says.


For Capricorn compatibility in a love match, there are keys to finding a loving partnership, according to Oak. "Some of the most immediate forms of [romantic] attraction are not the same sun sign pairings," they say — meaning it's not always two Capricorn suns in love. "Rather, [it's] the beautiful and reciprocal connection between the sun and moon or Venus and Mars."

In this case, for compatibility clues, look at your sun/their moon or vice versa. You could find Capricornian harmony between these luminaries. If you look further into the chart, you can see where your Mars/their Venus are placed or vice versa. If both placements are in Capricorn, you may see some Saturn-inspired sparks flying.

"Capricorns can view marriage in the most traditional of senses," says Aganza. "It is a financial obligation, it is a contract. When they get married, it's not just a love story, but a contractual binding. This is a little piece of why they can take their time — slow and steady, step by step."

Going back to the most basic rule we just reviewed — elements — Aganza reminds you to think of earth and water to help determine compatibility and find a great match.

Speaking of water: "In the zodiac, the classic father-and-mother archetype is Capricorn and Cancer," she says. Though these are opposing signs, if you're more "traditionally minded" when it comes to your view of relationships, this may work for you.

Additionally, Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo and Taurus placements can all help determine your compatibility with a Capricorn sun or rising.


Capricorn Friendship Compatibility

Want to be BFFs with a Cap? Look at the rest of the chart to find Mercury and Venus, too!

If Your Sun is in Capricorn...

If you're a solar sea goat, Oak says that regardless of your gender identity, a person with a sun in Capricorn tends to thrive with a good 'bromance.'"


"Friendship for Capricorn is enjoyable, as these jokesters have their own quirks when it comes to humor," Oak explains. "They can be quite sarcastic and cheeky, all while keeping their mature composure. A good friend or 'wing pal' will be able to hold their own when it comes to dazzling at 'the function' while knowing how to keep things reciprocal when it comes to support."

Oak has some favorite solar pairings for Cap friendships: sun in water sign Scorpio, cardinal sign Libra or playful Sagittarius. Any of these could be fast friends and find common ground with Capricorn natives.

If Your Mercury is in Capricorn...

If your Mercury is in the tenth sign of the zodiac, Oak says you may find lasting friendship.

"Mercury in Capricorn is exceedingly gifted at having an organized mind," says Oak. "Their natural business lends well to time management. Sometimes this can look like short coffee dates between work and errands. Friendship with Mercury in Cap can feel very productive as brainstorming grand ideas will likely occur, especially if there is creative fuel."

Placements to look for with compatibility include moon in Cancer, Mars in Pisces and Venus in Scorpio, as Oak says these "can create a nurturing and fulfilling creative connection."

If Your Venus is in Capricorn...

"This is a Venus placement that loves for you to show up — in every sense of the word," says Oak. "This is not about hypothetical connection; it is about the quality of friendship through being engaged and supportive."

What this means if your Venus is in Capricorn: "Try to find a friend that matches your desire to be supportive, like a Virgo moon," says Oak. "They will always have wonderful and generous 'auntie squabbles' at the end of lunch over who will take the bill, which will be both entertaining and a testament to friends that want to shower each other in support."


Capricorn in the Workplace

Capricorns can be a dominant force in the workplace, particularly because this energy tends to fit the archetypes (and stereotypes) of powerful businesspeople. "My nickname for [someone who embodies a] classic Capricorn is Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants," says Aganza.

While you may not always have access to your coworker's entire natal chart, you may be able to use this tool when forming business partnerships.


If Your Sun is in Capricorn...

Compatibility in this arena can be on the simpler side — look to the business partner or colleague's sun.

If you're a Capricorn sun, in the work environment, Oak says it's as obvious as "floral prints in the spring," (making a nod to Miranda Priestly in "The Devil Wears Prada").

"If in the right position, they take to their job like a duck in the water," says Oak. "Compatible signs naturally draw out the ability to produce, commit and strive toward excellence. Taurus and Virgo tend to be easy, while Cancer, Libra and Aries [the other cardinal signs] can provoke some exciting results though shifts of perspective."

If Your Mercury is in Capricorn...

So your planet of communication and ideas is in grounded and stable Capricorn. Set your sights on the deep thinkers of the zodiac: Scorpios.

"Scorpio placements can complement the focused nature of Mercury in Capricorn, and also measure up to the gravity of what Mercury in Cap will want to achieve," says Oak. "When looking for compatibility in the work environment, anyone who can play a supportive and organized role in the mastermind strategy of a Mercury in Cap individual will be a good fit." So, look for a Mercury, sun, rising or even Mars in Scorpio.

If Your Mars is in Capricorn...

Mars, the planet of drive and action, is exalted in Capricorn, meaning it's extra powerful here.

"This is the sign of the workaholic," says Oak. "Capricorn Mars is almost like a military captain in its energy, strategy, drive, unparalleled focus and unshakable determination. "Compatibility in the workplace can go two ways: (1) someone who doesn't get in the way of a Mars-in-Cap's rise to the top, and is both resourceful and willing to match their work ethic (usually Taurus, or Virgo Sun or Mars), or (2) an individual who knows how to soften the environment, making room for focused fun, pleasurable workings, and who knows how to lighten a heavy load. Think: Cancer sun, Pisces sun."