Taurus Compatibility in Love, Work and Friendship

By: Dominique Michelle Astorino  | 
Taurus sign
Taurus personalities can be possessive but also sensual. PsyComa/Shutterstock

If your birthday falls between April 20 and May 19, it's likely your zodiac sun sign is Taurus. In astrology, this means you were born under the sign of the earthy, extremely sensual bull — and you might be curious about Taurus compatibility. We're talking Taurus love compatibility, Taurus friendship compatibility and even compatibility in the workplace.

Master astrologer Shannon Aganza, creator of MoonGathering Astrology and Numerology Coursework says that if you're working with or crushing on a Taurus, be ready for a life partner. "Taurus energy slows things down and settles into comfort," says Aganza. "This is an ideal sign for someone who needs that kind of balance. They can be the most stubborn of the signs, but also the most reliable; they're resourceful and they have staying power."


The zodiac concept of synastry is how we look at astrological compatibility between people (and even events). When you talk about astro match-making, you're talking about synastry. It looks at two charts together.

The best way to see compatibility (including a love match) is to have the birth chart of each person (to do this, you'll need your birth date, time and location). In astrology, we look at houses, degrees and the placement of planets (like Mars and Venus) to see how they work with other planets and aspects in a partner's chart.

"Sun signs alone do not give enough detail on how the entire relationship will work," says astrologer Allie Campbell. As a professional, she'd check the ascendant sign first, which is based on the exact time of your birth. "I'd also look at your personal planets, like the moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars," in addition to many other placements. "There's a lot to consider."

To cut to the chase, astrological compatibility is not just about your sun sign.


Elemental Overview: Earth + Water

The easiest way to remember astrological compatibility: fire and air "like" each other; earth and water "like" each other. Fire and air are the yang-type elements (active) while water and earth are the yin-type (passive). This is how we'll understand Taurus compatibility.

Taurus is an earth sign, just like Virgo and Capricorn. When a Taurus comes together with another Taurus, or with Virgo or Capricorn, the two earth signs form a harmonious aspect.


Simply put, earth signs play well together — those zodiac signs are totally compatible. Earth also plays well with water signs (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer); these are the two yin-type elements in astrology.

This simple concept of elements allows you to better understand general compatibility. "You can already deduce that the fellow earth signs and water signs inherently desire the same things as Taurus," says Aganza.

This doesn't mean that Taurus natives won't get along with the other zodiac signs — like air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra), or fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). It depends on other aspects in the charts.


Get to Know the Taurus Personality

taurus symbology
Taurus is an earth sign that is compatible with other earth signs like Virgo and Capricorn. mountain beetle/Shutterstock

So, are you a Taurus? Even if you weren't born in mid-April to mid-May, you still have the bull somewhere in your chart.

"When it comes to Taurus compatibility, it's important to know that this sign can be the classic possessive partner," says Aganza. "Their love language is sensual, as in, all about the senses. Think: touchy-feely and cuddly."


You're in for a lot of sensorial experiences with the Venusian second sign of the zodiac (Taurus falls after Aries in the zodiac calendar, and is the first of the earthen star signs on the wheel). Let's get to know these Taurus natives.

Taurus Personality Traits

  • Element: Earth (grounded)
  • Modality: Fixed (stable)
  • Symbol: Bull
  • Planetary rulership: Venus
  • Light energy: When Taurus is happy and balanced, this energy is grounded, dedicated, hard-working, nature-oriented, self-reliant, reliable, comfortable; enjoys the material world, loves beauty and art and practices self-care.
  • Shadow energy: When Taurus is out of balance, this can lead to stubbornness, inflexibility, overindulgence, overattachment to the material world, greed, obstinance and resistance to change.


Taurus Compatibility: Best Matches for This Zodiac Sign

Some wisdom for Taurus partners? Regardless of the type of relationship, Campbell advises you to "Never rush a Taurus to do anything until they have already worked out their game plan in their head."

"Taurus energy is solid and grounded in every relationship; they really will stick it out through thick and thin," she says. "At the end of the day, they really want to enjoy the life they've built for themselves and if there's someone else to enjoy it with, even better."


Are you well suited for a Taurus? Let's take a look at our first round of compatible signs.

Best Signs for Taurus in Love: Virgo and Cancer

When it comes to Taurus love compatibility, this is the sign that truly loves to be wined and dined. "There are lots of feelings around shared meals," says Aganza. "This also applies to the bedroom; the actual bed is like their 'womb.'"

"Taurus loves anything they can physically touch like gifts and other material items," says Campbell. "Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, gift-giving and physical touch are definitely their top love languages."


Virgo-Taurus: The Virgo-Taurus blend is ideal. The maiden is one of the signs Taurus clicks with the most. There's inherent trust and balance in this partnership — all the makings for a solid relationship.

Additionally, Virgo can be a bit more visionary for in-the-moment Taurus. "Taurus can appreciate how Virgo thinks ahead," says Campbell. "Since Taurus likes to live in the 'now,' Virgo's ability to plan ahead ensures these two a stable and long-term relationship; Taurus can trust Virgo's analytical mind, giving them the green light to move forward. Taurus is all about stability; Virgo is a solid choice for partnership because there is a common goal of bringing ideas to the physical realm."

Balance is the name of the game — a Virgo-Taurus pairing provides nimbleness with an anchor.

"Virgos can have high energy due to their Mercurial rulership and being with a grounded partner such as Taurus can help their naturally racing mind find a solid place to land," Campbell adds.

Taurus-Cancer: This compatibility is beautiful. This pairing gives Campbell what she calls "creatures of comfort vibes." When two cosmic homebodies come together, coziness ensues.

"Don't expect these two to be out all night partying," she says. "They're more of the 'stay in with a good movie/show and lots of snacks' type. Cancer energy needs a comfortable home for their heart, where they can retreat to after being energetically empathetic all day and Taurus can provide stability for Cancer's emotions. In return, Cancer can give an emotional safe space for Taurus, without judgment."

What she's saying is, the Cancer-Taurus pairing gives off major partners-for-life energy.


Taurus BFFs: Cancer and Scorpio

Aganza emphasizes that Taurus sun individuals are slow. "Slow and plodding," to be specific. New friends be warned. But there's virtue in their speed (or lack thereof). "Taurus friends are reliable and will be there for the long haul," she says. This is a relationship built on a strong foundation.

Let's take a look at Taurus compatibility in friendships. Which members of the zodiac are ideal for Taurus natives?


Taurus-Cancer: We already know Taurus and Cancer are incredible together when it comes to love, but what about friendship? These are actually two of the most compatible signs for being buddies — a perfect match, if you will.

The emotional and moody crab of the zodiac will find comfort with a Taurus bull bestie "because they can talk about how they feel and Taurus will be right there to comfort them," says Campbell.

The reliable Taurus bull "will remember the tiny details of what makes their Cancer bestie tick and will be there for them, no matter what," she adds.

Taurus-Scorpio: On the same axis of the zodiac wheel, opposite of Taurus, is the eighth constellation of the cosmos: Scorpio.

Taurus and Scorpio find friendship compatibility in a unique way; being opposites, you'd think they'd butt heads (especially being two fixed signs), but some of the best compatibility comes from seeing things from the flip side.

Scorpio-Taurus vibes are a mix: "Taurus energy is soft and loving and with Scorpio's intensity, they can balance each other out," says Campbell.

Taurus and Scorpio are essentially two sides of the same coin. "Scorpios are definitely the most mysterious and deep-feeling sign and although opposite from Taurus, Scorpio inherently feels like they can trust Taurus, which helps them open up," she adds.

"Taurus can help sometimes-cynical Scorpio realize that, well, maybe things aren't so bad. Once Scorpio feels safe around someone, they will protect and defend them until the end of time, and Taurus is super appreciative of Scorpio's loyalty."

Best Signs for Taurus in the Workplace: Capricorn and Libra

We're rounding out Taurus compatibility by looking at signs Taurus works well with, literally. The Capricorn-Taurus combo is excellent and so is Libra.

Overall, one important thing to remember about Taurus is that "their communication style is basic," says Aganza. They are simple, straightforward and uncomplicated.

Taurus-Capricorn: Logic and practicality unite with this pairing. Capricorn logic and drive (their ability to climb their way to the top) "makes them leaders in most work environments," says Campbell. "Taurus can trust Capricorn with their decision making, knowing that Capricorns don't move forward without rationality."

And we know Taurus prefers to move slowly. "Because Taurus energy needs to go at its own pace, these two (literally) work well together," says Campbell. In other words, Capricorn-Taurus compatibility is brilliant.

Taurus-Libra: While Taurus is a fixed earth sign and Libra is a cardinal air sign, these two find commonality in the same planetary ruler: Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus.

"These two signs represent both sides of what the planet Venus stands for: love, material, art, fashion, music," says Campbell.

"What I love from this combo in the workplace is how Libra's quick air mind can come up with the ideas regarding Venusian values and how Taurus can bring it to the physical realm with a stable approach," she says.

"Libras are great at ideation and Taurus can bring the idea to life. If these two were to open an art gallery, create music or design in any form, the result would be incredible — especially with Libra's ability to socialize, and Taurus' ability to create a valuable product."