August 3 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Leos born on August 3 have star quality. Like most people who have an extroverted nature, they are talkative and friendly. They also are extremely ambitious. They work tirelessly toward their goals and do whatever they can to better themselves. They possess great personal charm and are deeply committed to causes that benefit others.


Friends and Lovers

Even though they have an engaging personality, August 3 natives may have trouble making friends, usually because they have so many talents and so much appeal that it's easy for others to be jealous of them. In love, they adore the courting ritual. But when it comes to actually working at a relationship, personal commitment isn't their strong suit.

Children and Family

August 3 people have enormous pride in their ancestors as well as the members of their immediate family unit. They identify strongly with those who came before them. They are usually very involved in the upbringing of their children. They especially enjoy setting a positive example.


Most August 3 people have robust good health. They are good about sticking to an ambitious exercise regimen. Although they may be less careful about their eating habits, they prefer a generally balanced diet.

Career and Finances

August 3 individuals have a great deal of creativity and are likely to seek careers where they can indulge this ability. They are good speakers and motivators, which makes them effective in any sales position. They also make exceptional actors, teachers, media personnel, and lawyers. When it comes to making budgetary and savings commitments, they tend to be disinterested.


Dreams and Goals

Career success is a must for these individuals, and it is to these ends that they are most likely to put their efforts. They often have the need to be a pillar of their community, and for this reason they are likely to become involved in local projects.

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