June 30 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

June 30 Cancers have an exceptionally well-balanced nature. They are materialistic in a good sense because they wish to help others. They are sensible yet fun-loving. They strive for success yet never lose sight of their personal commitments.


Friends and Lovers

Although they love people, June 30 natives understand that before they can establish worthwhile personal relationships, they first have to work on themselves. They are usually lucky in love. They have a positive attitude about romance and refuse to be drawn into routine arguments and disagreements.

Children and Family

These people may be on the phone every other day to a sibling, and they never forget to put that Mother's Day or Father's Day card in the mail. As parents, they are "hands on" and leap and romp with their kids.


June 30 individuals have big appetites. For their own health and the health of their families, they need to organize and monitor their nutritional habits. They also should be aware of which illnesses are prevalent in their family history in order to choose the best health habits.

Career and Finances

June 30 natives make great entrepreneurs because they can see the big picture and the small details. They need a lot of money, because they are constantly spending it. They'll work hard to maintain the lifestyle they want, but they are not willing to cut into important family time in order to do it.


Dreams and Goals

June 30 natives believe they can achieve whatever they want in life. This positive attitude is a self-fulfilling prophecy, because the dreams of these folks often come true. If one of their dreams is not realized, they have the resilience to adopt a philosophical attitude.

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