November 30 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Possessed with a sharp wit and the personality of a star, a November 30 Sagittarius tends to live flamboyantly. Despite this, they are loners. They enjoy breaking conventional patterns. They're also moralists who believe the moral code applies to everyone -- except them! They are apt to be egotistical but have a rare ability to laugh at themselves.


Friends and Lovers

Friendships are not easy for people born on this date; they are competitive and tend to bring this to relationships. In romance, they test the boundaries, sending a message of mistrust to their partner. Belief in themselves grows with their belief in the relationship.

Children and Family

November 30 men and women often separate from their family at an early age. This may be caused by their inability to withstand the pressures of family members who find their lifestyle unacceptable. They make no such dictates to their children, wanting them to express their emotional needs.


People born on this date have their own way of doing nearly everything -- and that includes their health regimen. They are unlikely to follow a prescribed plan and like to make things simple. They may enjoy eating a diet of raw fruits and vegetables and the occasional dairy product.

Career and Finances

People born on this day have unequaled sales skills, though they are likely to favor another line of work. They have incredible luck with money but may be too eager to capitalize on that. Gambling can be a problem if they don't learn to resist the urge.


Dreams and Goals

November 30 natives have talent and personal appeal and may find their goals come too easily. They are classic underachievers for this reason. When they do find something challenging, they become eager to attain their goals. But once they've accomplished what they set out to do, they move on to something new.

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