August 30 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Virgos born on August 30 have an overwhelming urge to express their individual identities. They have a great love of learning, travel, and the written word. They are known for their discriminating good taste and good looks and always appear well dressed in public. Although August 30 people seem calm, they're actually high-strung and excitable.


Friends and Lovers

People born on this date are sincere friends. They're extremely fun-loving and enjoy a vibrant social life. They are natural romantics who often fall in love with love. The tumult that characterizes their relationships is usually of a positive nature.

Children and Family

August 30 natives are often the beneficiaries of a fortunate upbringing. They are dearly loved by family. As parents, they are good at encouraging their little ones to express themselves as creatures who exist apart from their parents. This liberal approach brings children and parents together.


People born on August 30 are not overly concerned with health and exercise. They have a great interest in food and make excellent cooks and nutritionists but are not averse to eating junk food. Though Virgo natives tend to be slim, August 30 people have a tendency to put on weight. They may favor competitive sports.

Career and Finances

People born on this date have a broad view of their world. They like to express their expansive personality through work. Because they think big, they have a tendency to spend big. Fortunately, they have a talent for financial management.


Dreams and Goals

August 30 natives have a positive attitude about life; setbacks and delays don't worry them. They are self-confident and can envision their success before it happens. They want to accomplish great things but also want to live well and in a worldly manner.

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