Pisces Compatibility in Love, Work and Friendship

By: Dominique Michelle Astorino  | 
Pisces sign
Pisces will find a way to be compatible with everyone because they’re so idealistic. But that can also get them in trouble. Priscila Zambotto/Getty Images

If you were born between Feb. 20 and March 19, it's likely you've got your sun in Pisces. In astrology, this means you're born under the sign of the sensitive, dreamy fish — and you might also be curious about Pisces compatibility when it comes to romance, friendships and the workplace.

Master astrologer Shannon Aganza, creator of MoonGathering Astrology and Numerology Coursework has a Pisces moon herself and says that when you've got your eye on a Pisces, know that you're about to get a dose of hope and optimism in your life.


"Pisces will find a way to be compatible with everyone, because they're so idealistic," says Aganza, "But this is also how they can get themselves in trouble. Pisces live in the fantasy of what could be, the potentiality. So, keep this in mind!"

Astro Compatibility 101

To understand compatibility in the zodiac, you need first to understand synastry. Synastry is how we look at astrological compatibility between people (and even events). When you talk about astro match-making, you're talking about synastry. It looks at two charts together — your chart and the chart of the other person (or persons). Synastry is not just your sun sign. It also takes into account the houses Pisces rules and the placement of planets like Mars and Venus.

If you've got a Pisces sun, don't write off a Sagittarius or an Aquarius based on sun sign alone. You may read elsewhere that "Pisces and Gemini are incompatible," but this is far too reductive to be accurate. Wouldn't it be nice if things were that simple!


Get to Know the Pisces Personality

So, is Pisces your star sign? Even if you weren't born in late February to late March, you still have the mutable water sign of Pisces somewhere in your chart.

"Thank God for Pisces," Aganza says, "Because with Pisces, there's hope. The Pisces sign gets a lot of criticism for not being realistic or in 'reality,' but we need the dreamers; without dreamers, the world doesn't get better."


Pisces Personality Traits

  • Element: Water (emotional, sensitive, deep, empathic)
  • Modality: Mutable (flexible, changeable, adaptable)
  • Symbol: Fish
  • Planetary rulership: Jupiter
  • Light energy: When Pisces is happy and balanced, this energy is buoyant and optimistic, empathic, sensitive, creative, bountiful and compassionate.
  • Shadow energy: When Pisces is out of balance, this can lead to confusion, lack of boundaries, thin skin, gullibility, overwhelm and procrastination.

Pisces is one of the mutable signs, like Virgo (Pisces and Virgo are on the same axis of the zodiac wheel), Gemini and Sagittarius. In traditional astrology, Pisces is ruled by the planet Jupiter (in modern astrology, it's the planet Neptune). Jupiter is the planet of expansion, optimism, luck, wisdom, joy and travel and the ruler of fellow mutable sign Sagittarius as well.


Best Signs for Pisces

A simple way to understand the most compatible signs? Elements. In astrology, there are four: fire, air, water and earth. Fire and air are the yang-type elements (active) while water and earth are the yin-type (passive).

Pisces is a water sign, just like Cancer and Scorpio. When two Pisces suns come together, that forms a conjunction, a (typically) positive, harmonious placement. When Pisces comes together with Cancer or Scorpio, the two water signs form another harmonious aspect called a trine. Simply put, water signs play well together! Pisces and Capricorn compatibility, as well as Pisces and Scorpio compatibility, are both strong.


Water also plays well with earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn); these are the two yin-type elements in astrology. When Pisces meets up with Taurus or Capricorn, this forms a sextile, which again, is (typically) positive. With Virgo, this creates an opposition (they're on opposite sides of the zodiac wheel), which can go either way, but can be great (opposites attract)!

This simple concept of elements allows you to better understand general compatibility. "You can already deduce that the other water signs (especially Cancer) and earth signs inherently desire the same things as Pisces," says Aganza.

What about the other signs? Pisces and Gemini compatibility, or Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility? Mis-matched elements don't necessarily indicate that Pisces won't get along with the other zodiac signs — fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), or air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). Pisces-Libra compatibility or Aquarius compatibility could be possible, depending on other aspects in the charts.


Pisces Compatibility in Love

Whether you or your partner is a Pisces, it's important to keep this energy in mind, regardless of complementary placements or compatible signs. "Pisces are also very sensitive," says Aganza. "The fish is the most thin-skinned of all the signs. This isn't a criticism — this is the strength that allows them to be open to the dreaminess of life. But their partners need to be more gentle with a Pisces than they'd be with themselves."

For Pisces compatibility in a love match, there are keys to finding a loving partnership, according to Oak, founder of Oak Astrology School (who supports fellow queer, Filipinx and BIPOC astrology students and clients). "Some of the most immediate forms of [romantic] attraction are not the same sun sign pairings," they say, meaning it's not always two Pisces suns in love. "It's rather the beautiful and reciprocal connection between the sun and moon, or Venus and Mars."


For the 12th (and final) zodiac sign, a romantic relationship with another water sign (like Pisces and Scorpio, or Pisces and Cancer, for instance) or earth sign (like Pisces and Taurus, Pisces and Capricorn, or Pisces and Virgo) could be an easeful match.

This is especially true for Pisces and Virgo compatibility, according to Oak.

Pisces and Virgo

"For a Pisces ascendant (sometimes called Pisces rising), a Virgo may be the ideal star sign match, as these two mutable signs are on the same axis, essentially making them two sides of the same coin," says Oak.

These two zodiac signs are destined for romance. "Pisces love the loyal dedication and sensitivity Virgo brings to a relationship, though Virgos ought to be careful to not let their sometimes-critical nature bring about hurt feelings in a sensitive Pisces."

Pisces and Scorpio

"One of the most holy, divine pairings — when the right two people (or two signs) get together — is Pisces and Scorpio," says Aganza. "Pisces and Scorpio can just go in a relationship. Scorpio is a fixed sign and can be a grounded energy for Pisces; and Pisces can go to the depths that Scorpio is craving. This is LOVE," she says. "And the sexual energy is spirit-driven."

Other signs that may work include Sagittarius, which is — as mentioned earlier — also mutable and Jupiter-ruled, just like Pisces. Additionally, Libra might find some Venusian harmony with Pisces. "​​Like their other idealistic zodiac counterpart Libra, Pisces tend to fall in love with love," explains Aganza.


Pisces Friendship Compatibility

Want to be BFFs with a Pisces? Look at the rest of the chart to find Mercury and Venus, too! Pisces friends tend to love everyone, but make a strong connection with earth signs, who are, as Aganza puts it, innately good for the final zodiac sign.

"Pisces and Taurus are excellent together," says Aganza. "Pisces feels so safe and grounded because Taurus is so reliable (Pisces can lack reliability). Taurus likes to be pulled out of their routine."


Earth signs, in general, should be mindful of how they communicate with Pisces friends. "Pisces are not good at direct communication or conflict," says Aganza. "If you're with a Pisces, you need to know they communicate with inference — they won't be good at communicating directly with you, nor do they enjoy being directly communicated with. You must communicate in a softer way, otherwise they'll be hurt and wounded."

"Pisces has a wonderful tendency to be open and accepting to most people, which creates a lot of space for various types of relationships," says Oak. "Of course, knowing what works best will always be supportive, so that our sweet Pisces doesn't get stuck in situations that are not ideal for their generous and sensitive hearts."

If Your Sun Is in Pisces...

As Oak says of the Pisces energy, "If it's not a little weird or obscure, then is it even Pisces?" This applies to Piscean friendship especially. "In the case of [Pisces compatibility within the context of] friendship, I like signs like Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini because they tend to stir the pot and keep the excitement going in a friendship dynamic," says Oak.

"For feelings of true bromance or platonic love," Oak says to look for a partner with a "Venus in Pisces," who "would be a treasure of a friend that will last a long time."

If Your Mercury Is in Pisces...

If you have your planet of communication in the sign of the fish, look to your friend's Jupiter placement. "For a super-special relationship that is very chatty and engaging, Jupiter in Pisces would bring new heights to all conversations and ideas," says Oak. "Jupiter doesn't happen to be in this sign but every 12 years, so secondary expressions [similar energy] of very expansive relationships would be Jupiter in Cancer or Jupiter in Scorpio."

If Your Venus Is in Pisces...

And finally, if the planet of love and values happens to fall into the 12th zodiac sign, "you're fluid in how you relate to others, and generally like connecting with people at whatever capacity they can meet you at," says Oak. "This makes such a supple environment for friendships. Since you're able to hold a space of open understanding, make sure that energy is reciprocated."

Some placements that might indicate good relationships include Saturn in Scorpio (for a durable, long-haul friendship) and the moon in Cancer, which Oak says would be "a gem of a relationship," as well as "super loving and reciprocal."


Pisces in the Workplace

While you may not always have access to your co-worker's entire natal chart, you may be able to use this tool when forming business partnerships. Pisces tend to be a bit boundaryless. "They work best when they're given freedom with a deadline," says Aganza. "When they know there's a deadline, they'll reach it, but they need freedom to get there."

"Sagittarius is a good work buddy for Pisces because they work together," she says. "They're both mutable and Jupiter-ruled, so they're working toward the highest expression of whatever they're working on, so there's growth."


And remember, if you're partnering with a Pisces, "they're very sensitive to criticism," says Aganza. So, be careful how you phrase things.

If Your Sun Is in Pisces...

Compatibility in this arena can be on the simpler side. If you're looking for structure, look to a Capricorn or Taurus sun, says Oak. "These are easily two of the most supportive signs for flow between vision and actualization of vision," they say.

Don't forget the other water signs, too. "Relationally, the sun in Cancer or the sun in Scorpio would be an immediate sense of being on the same page and definitely mutual respect," says Oak.

Additionally, fellow mutable suns (Sagittarius, Gemini and Virgo) "will bring in relationships that will foster a lot of creativity through looking at things through contrasting frameworks and perspectives," says Oak. "These types of contact will create an accordion effect of zooming in and zooming out when it comes to assessing any area of your business."

If Your Mercury Is in Pisces...

Check the birth chart to find your Mercury placement (if your sun is in Pisces, it's likely you could also have your Mercury in the sign of the fish, too). "For creative incubation, other water sign [placements] like Venus in Cancer or sun in Scorpio would allow for ideas to flow like an endless fountain," says Oak.

Again, Pisces and Taurus compatibility makes for a good pairing. "The sun in Taurus could really help to materialize the visionary quality to the Piscean ideas," says Oak. "Any of the earth signs will tend to create a sense of organization to the creative process."

If Your Mars Is in Pisces...

Yet another Capricorn Pisces pairing that makes sense: sun in Capricorn, Mars in Pisces. In this case, the zodiacal goat can help a Piscean organize ideas, says Oak. "There's a lot of compatibility when it comes to balancing each other out. As long as the environment is respectful of your sensitivity, it will allow you to come forward at the height of your creative expression," they add.

"Don't put a lot of pressure on them," warns Aganza. "Pisces do their best when they're not locked in a box. What's ironic is that they need a person who can stabilize them so they can spread their wings and fly; it's the fine balance between structure and flow."