January 31 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Aquarians born on January 31 have eccentric perspectives. They're charismatic and can charm just about anyone. What may appear to be egotism is a simple appreciation for their gifts and talents. They are intelligent, yet their brilliance can be undermined by foolish choices.


Friends and Lovers

January 31 people forge powerful friendships. They seem to draw people who can add qualities to their lives that may be lacking. They do likewise with romantic partnerships. They are not adamant that their relationships be permanent. Often, when they have learned the lessons they need, they move on.

Children and Family

People born on January 31 are able to transcend their upbringing. Despite being unusual, they have a practical side that's seen in the way they rationalize difficulties they may have experienced as children. As parents, they don't push their children to succeed but allow them to develop at their own pace.


January 31 men and women may endorse a natural lifestyle that includes holistic healing, meditation, a diet of raw fruits and vegetables, and exercise. They understand the need to promote mind-body-spirit harmony.

Career and Finances

People born on January 31 are intelligent and talented. The drawback to their potential success could be that they possess too many talents, so it may be difficult to settle on one career option. If they take an active interest in financial affairs, they are capable. But they prefer to turn financial management over to someone else.


Dreams and Goals

Like many Aquarians, January 31 men and women have the ability to see beyond their concerns and look at life on a global level. When young, it's easy for them to become disillusioned once they discover this is not as simple as they had anticipated. Yet they'll always find time to help others, in big or little ways.

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