April 1 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

An Aries born on April 1 is anything but a fool, despite their connection to this questionable "holiday". Their quiet nature masks an ability to make the best of any situation. Although frequently centered on their own concerns in the way most Aries natives are, they rarely ignore an opportunity to help or inspire others.


Friends and Lovers

April 1 individuals are sunny and enthusiastic about their relationships. They have a magnetic charisma; others feel good around them. Romantic relationships are more complicated. When it comes to love, these people seem destined for disappointment on some level, but they continue to have an upbeat view of romance.

Children and Family

April 1 individuals rely on the considerable love and support they receive from family members. They also make good parents. Even if they are not intimately involved in the day-to-day aspects of parenting, they never cease to act as emotional cheerleaders for their youngsters.


April 1 natives are born with excess energy. Although they may not follow a prescribed health regimen, they usually remain active and fit well into old age. The keynote to their physical well-being is their emotional health. If they lead unhappy or unfulfilled lives, their health is likely to suffer.

Career and Finances

April 1 natives are natural go-getters who are adamant about making their mark. They generally have definite career goals from an early age. Even if their path to success is rocky, they will keep on striving. They have an ability for both making and losing a great deal of money. Their losses may come about because of their incredible generosity to friends and family members.


Dreams and Goals

April 1 natives don't mind life's ups and downs because they prefer to be caught up in extremes rather than dull routine. They have trouble admitting that certain goals have not materialized in their lives and may continue to expect success long after the cheering has died down and everyone else has gone home.

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