June 29 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

There is something almost preternaturally sensitive about June 29 Cancers. They are ruled by emotion and refuse to give up their idealism even in the face of facts and realism. Yet they are more determined than their nature makes them seem. They have a great reservoir of faith and strength.


Friends and Lovers

Where matters of friendship and love are concerned, June 29 people can sometimes be their own worst enemies. They have a tendency to surround themselves with fair-weather friends who do not deserve their patronage. They have a great capacity for love but should be careful to whom they give their heart.

Children and Family

June 29 individuals are likely to have a powerful connection to their original family. In romantic matters, a June 29 man is apt to look for a wife who echoes traits of his mother, while a June 29 woman may subconsciously seek to repeat her mother's actions.


Weight gain can be a serious concern for June 29 individuals, since they have a tendency to eat heartily. Regular exercise is a must for these individuals. They may not enjoy doing anything too strenuous, but even a daily walk can help to keep them in good physical condition.

Career and Finances

Although June 29 people may wish to pursue a creative field, they may be afraid that such an endeavor will not bring the sort of secure financial reward they require. When they have saved enough money to invest in their creative future they are likely to strike out in new career directions.


Dreams and Goals

The most cherished goals of many June 29 individuals relate to their creative talents. Although they wish to perfect these talents, and believe in them, they often lack confidence in their ability to succeed. They are unselfish and are always involved in some activity that brings hope or inspiration to others.

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