September 19 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Few people possess the charming personality and physical elegance of Virgos born September 19. They are elegant, classy individuals. Although they like being the center of attention, they can never be called egotists. They are lifelong students who never lose interest in the beauty of life.


Friends and Lovers

September 19 people are generally loners, but they do rely on a few close friends. They inspire loyalty and have the potential to be good mentors. These folks exhibit great discretion when selecting a lover or mate -- they have specific ideas of what they want.

Children and Family

Family life is important to the emotional life of September 19 people. They are devoted to family and may count them among their closest friends. They make excellent parents; they treat their children with sensitivity. They remember what it was like to be a child, full of questions and worries about their place in the world.


Good managers by nature, September 19 people are on top of health matters. They are well disciplined and have no problem with a structured routine. These people benefit from moderate aerobic exercise and often maintain a restricted diet.

Career and Finances

September 19 men and women are methodical, correct, and precise. Because of their grooming and natural good looks, they may choose a career in the public eye. They are careful with money but do not always trust their own judgment. They may seek professional advice on savings and investments.


Dreams and Goals

September 19 people are very concerned about appearances. They always take great care in how they present themselves, both physically and in the general tenor of their actions. If their vulnerabilities can be overcome through experience, they can accomplish anything. Their ability to believe in themselves is key.

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