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Starkiller Base in 'The Force Awakens' swallows stars and blows up entire planets like its Death Star predecessors. Could a man-made device ever actually do that?

Think “The Force Awakens” only references the original “Star Wars” trilogy? Think again. If you pay attention, you’ll see that it’s also full of prequel nods.

The "Star Wars" universe is loaded with background characters, but few work harder than the droids. So many of these mechanical marvels toil thanklessly in the background, while the likes of C-3PO, R2-D2 and BB-8 get all the glory.

It’s a desert planet, but it’s not Tatooine. This new location seems pivotal to “The Force Awakens,” so what exactly do we actually know about it?

If you’re writing and directing a new “Star Wars” movie, you’ve got a built-in fan base to entertain and keep happy. Will viewers be delighted with “The Force Awakens”?

While doing press, Carrie Fisher has proven that she’s a woman who speaks her mind, doesn’t concern herself with what others think, and has a razor-sharp wit.

On Dec. 6, 2015, the crew of “The Force Awakens” chatted for the press. There were jokes; there were songs; there was Carrie Fisher sassing director J.J. Abrams.

"100 Years" will be released in 2115 — but will anyone want — or be able — to see it then?

The details of “The Force Awakens” have been shrouded in mystery since the film started shooting — and that’s no accident. Will that make for happy audiences?

Marijuana endorsements are no longer niche, as celebs like Willie Nelson and reality star Bethenny Frankel put their name on weed. Will more celebrities join the trend?

The suspension of disbelief is part of the movie-going experience. But some films that invoke science to set up their plots are doing so in ways that are totally, utterly preposterous.

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books? The experimental film titled "#scanners" is kind of like the movie version of those books.

Thirty-nine U.S. states offer them as a way to lure movie productions. But many are rethinking their generosity.

Even in our digital age, a magazine cover can generate huge buzz. Or a huge outcry. Here are eight that garnered millions of comments and conversations.

30 years ago, "Back to the Future Part II" depicted weird hi-tech gadgetry that screenwriters thought would be part of everyday life in 2015. How much did they get right?

In this age where everyone is an online critic, do professional movie reviews still matter? More than you'd think.

"Star Wars" fans used to love camping out for movie openings. But has that tradition’s time passed?

A blockbuster with popcorn and a soda has been a cinema standard for years. But to keep audiences coming to theaters, theaters are exploring new ways to up their game.

If an animated movie is made of moving images that tell a story and introduce a unique character, then it's hard to name the father of animation. We'll introduce you to a few fathers, though.

Remember when 3-D glasses were made of cardboard and red and blue lenses? They've gotten a pretty major upgrade – and there is more change to come.

A good movie transports you to another universe. But what if that universe is so authentic it's visually jarring? Step into the debate about hyper-real high frame rate films!

It's a quaint notion that taking in a motion picture is an inexpensive way to pass the evening. Contemporary theaters charge big bucks for blockbuster experiences -- but why?

We associate IMAX movies with big, immersive experiences -- and pay higher prices for the tickets. So does screen size impact our optimal optical enjoyment?

In the golden age of cinema, it was an honor to don an usher's formal uniform and report to work. Times have certainly changed -- and the job has, too.