Behind the Scenes pulls back the curtain and lets you see how movies are made, from the initial script, the casting and how the jaw-dropping special effects come to life.

Inside 'Bee Movie'

Jerry Seinfeld's animated labor-of-love "Bee Movie" was born out of a joke Seinfeld made to Steven Spielberg. Get the rest of the buzz about the movie and its making.

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  • 10 Jaw-dropping Hollywood Scandals

    10 Jaw-dropping Hollywood Scandals

    Along with motion pictures, Hollywood has a knack for creating other things: controversy and scandal. So which scandals are the juiciest -- and why? See more »

  • 10 Most Thankless Jobs in Film

    10 Most Thankless Jobs in Film

    You might have heard that Sandra Bullock got $77 million for "Gravity," but how much did the PA make? We've compiled a list of the most tedious, low-paying jobs in show business – that people still beg for. See more »

  • An Amityville Primer

    An Amityville Primer

    HowStuffworks brings you up to speed on the story behind the "based on a true story" remake of "The Amityville Horror." Read about the real-life murders at 112 Ocean Avenue, the best-selling book and the family at the center of the controversy. See more »

  • Creating the Kranks Neighborhood

    Creating the Kranks Neighborhood

    Sometimes reality just doesn't do the trick. To get the right feel for the movie "Christmas with the Kranks," filmmakers had to build a fake wintry Chicago neighborhood on a parking lot in California. See how they did it. See more »

  • Does the ‘Star Trek’ theme really have lyrics?

    Does the ‘Star Trek’ theme really have lyrics?

    Remember when you got the lyrics to the "Star Trek" theme stuck in your head? Oh, right. There are no lyrics to the "Star Trek" theme -- or are there? See more »

  • How 'The Da Vinci Code' Doesn't Work

    How 'The Da Vinci Code' Doesn't Work

    Could a sacred story be hidden for centuries, only to be revealed in one of the most famous works of art in the Western world? That's the story according to "The DaVinci Code." Take a look at the evidence. See more »

  • How Audience Testing Works

    How Audience Testing Works

    Andie ended up with Duckie in "Pretty in Pink" and Alex committed suicide in "Fatal Attraction." Except that they didn't. These are just two of the many movies where the endings were changed thanks to audience testing. See more »

  • How do movie productions shut off streets for filming?

    How do movie productions shut off streets for filming?

    If you live in a town where they shoot a lot of movies, chances are you've seen or read about a street closing due to a film shoot. With all the traffic inconvenience this can cause, how do movie companies get away with it? See more »

  • How Drone Cinematography Works

    How Drone Cinematography Works

    Using drones, cinematographers can capture beautiful, sweeping shots more easily and cheaply than ever before. And affordable technology means more amateurs can get in the game, too. Get ready to plan your film debut. See more »

  • How Film Restoration Works

    How Film Restoration Works

    Film doesn't last forever – particularly if it was used before 1950. What causes it to break down, and how do restorers put it back together? See more »

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