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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes pulls back the curtain and lets you see how movies are made, from the initial script, the casting and how the jaw-dropping special effects come to life.

Quodpot or Quidditch? Wizarding Worlds Aren't All the Same

In the world of Harry Potter, being a wizard in the United States is a lot different than being a wizard in England. Now who’s up for a game of quodpot?

5 Cool Things the Women Who Inspired 'Hidden Figures' Accomplished

The black female mathematicians who worked at NASA during the Space Race were scientific savants who helped make some pretty amazing advances in aeronautics.

5 Awesome Behind-the-scenes Facts About 'Rogue One'

Get the scoop on the new "Star Wars" movie, straight from the cast and crew.

5 Movies and Stories to Get You Even More Psyched to See 'Rogue One'

You could probably see "Rogue One" with no prior knowledge of "Star Wars" and be fulfilled, but checking out these things beforehand will kick the experience up a notch.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Right Here

As No-Majs, or muggles, we can't see the world's magical creatures. Luckily, they're everywhere in the new film set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. We meet three.

Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all: The Real Business of Fake Movie Money

Companies that make prop money for movies and videos have to walk a fine line between making cash that looks realistic, but not crossing into counterfeit.

What's Up With Captain America's Shield?

You'll want to be up to speed on Cap's amazing shield before you go see "Captain America: Civil War." We can help you with that.

Anyone Can Make Vladimir Putin Smile

Yep, real-time motion capture and re-enactment just got faster (and funnier).

How Spoilers Work

Is it possible — just maybe — that spoilers don't actually (spoiler!) spoil all the fun?

How BB-8 Got His Voice

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” introduced one of the most iconic new characters in the form of the rolling droid BB-8. But how did he learn to speak?