Football is a beautiful and sometimes very physical game. The perfect spiral, the fingertip grab, the amazing run…they are all part of football's history.
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Emlen Tunnell was the first African American in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. At the time of his retirement in 1961, he held the records for interceptions, interception yardage, punt returns and punt return yardage. Learn more about New York Giant Emlen Tunnell.

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Doak Walker

Doak Walker, one of the greatest college football players ever, went on to excel with the Detroit Lions. He was selected for five Pro Bowls and named All-NFL four times. Walker entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1986.

Kellen Winslow

Kellen Wilson was an All-American who went on to play tight end for the San Diego Chargers. He ranked 14th in pass receptions at the time of his retirement, with 541 receptions for 6741 yards and 45 touchdowns. Get career info and statistics on Kellen Wilson.

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