Football is a beautiful and sometimes very physical game. The perfect spiral, the fingertip grab, the amazing run…they are all part of football's history.
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Bill George started out in a middle guard position but found his full strength as a linebacker. His talents on defense helped him get elected to eight Pro Bowls and a Hall of Fame induction in 1972. Learn how Bill George excelled at middle linebacker.

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In 1967, Joe Namath became the first player to pass for more than 4,000 yards in a season. He won major acclaim as the face of the Jets franchise for 13 seasons and his awesome 27,663 passing yards and 173 touchdowns.

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Grab your pigskin because it's time for football trivia. How does the QB make that ball spiral? Wouldn't "handball" make a better name than "football"? Pad up and get on the field ... the football quiz field, that is.


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