Football Fundamentals

Knowing the Fundamentals of Football will give you a better understanding for how amazing college and NFL athletes really are.


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How can I meet my favorite football team?

Just because a professional football player is in a public place doesn't necessarily mean he wants to be treated as a public figure. But as it turns out, there are plenty of other opportunities.

Top 5 Tailgate Tips

In order to get the most out of your tailgating experience, you'll need to be well-prepared for the big day. Here's a quick list of tips and tricks to ensure your next tailgate party goes off as planned.

5 Tips for Supporting Your Favorite Football Team

When you're loading up the RV for three days of tailgating, what kinds of things should you pack -- besides your foam finger and your face paint? Are there other ways to show support for your favorite team?

10 Tips for Hosting a Fantasy Football Draft

No, fantasy football has nothing to do with Megan Fox arriving at your front door with two tickets to the Super Bowl. But it can offer bragging rights and a chance to show your superior knowledge of the gridiron.

I heard someone mention a 'third team' in a football game. What is that? Who are these guys and what do they do?

Who makes up the "third team" in a football game? Learn all about the responsibilities of an NFL officiating crew.

How the Physics of Football Works

There's a reason why some of the quarterback's passes miss their target and others land perfectly in the receiver's hands -- it's physics! Learn the science of football and take a look at the game from a whole new angle.

How do retractable roofs in convertible stadiums work?

Ballparks are just as trendy as clothes and hairstyles. Today, a new trend in stadiums has led to the demolition of the Kingdome and the likely demise of the Astrodome. The latest trend in sports stadiums is the retractable-roof stadium.