NCAA Football

The NCAA is an acronym for the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The NCAA is the governing body for all athletics in college, chief among those if college football.

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College football generates billions of dollars in revenue annually from ticket sales, media rights and donations. So who has the most to lose if the fall season is canceled?

By John Donovan

The NCAA scrapped the Bowl Championship Series in favor of a playoff system. But does it truly crown a national champion in college football?

By John Donovan

College sports just wouldn't be the same without those silly costumed humans (and live animals) parading around the sidelines pumping up the fans.

By John Donovan


Coach Eddie Robinson set the record for number of wins when Grambling State University won the Cotton Bowl in 1985. He retired in 1997 with an amazing career record of 408-165-15. His career lasted an amazing 56 years. Learn about Eddie Robinson.

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The story told in "We Are Marshall" sounds a little like the invention of a screenwriter, but the airplane crash that took the lives of college football players really took place. Learn the real story behind the film "We Are Marshall."

By Tracy V. Wilson