Artwork teaches us how to draw all sorts of objects, scenes and vistas where the world is your canvas and you can draw your own experiences.

Paintings by Alfred Sisley

Though Alfred Sisley never found the fame that some of his fellow Impressionists did, he was instrumental in the rise of the famous movement. Studying alongside Monet, his landscapes and plein air techniques that make him a good example of the Impressionist movement.

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  • 10 Impressive Art Heists

    10 Impressive Art Heists

    Not all art heists are worthy of the silver screen, but some stand out for their ingenuity -- or bravado. So how do thieves walk away with near-priceless works? See more »

  • Are there secret messages in da Vinci's 'The Last Supper'?

    Are there secret messages in da Vinci's 'The Last Supper'?

    For years, amateur theorists and art historians have considered whether "The Last Supper" contains hidden imagery. In this article, we'll explore this idea and the mysteries behind it. See more »

  • Celebrity Challenge: Famous Artists

    Celebrity Challenge: Famous Artists

    Artists are the visual historians of society, transforming ideas and events into paintings, drawings, sculptures and more. Certain artists have wielded their craft so successfully that their work, in turn, has influenced history. Test your knowledge of some of these groundbreaking visionaries by taking the famous artists quiz. See more »

  • Good Grief!: A 'Peanuts' Quiz

    Good Grief!: A 'Peanuts' Quiz

    From Linus' philosophical maxims to Lucy's bossy orders, "Peanuts" is an endearing story that has pervaded the homes and hearts of readers worldwide. See how much you know about the beloved comic strip, TV specials and movie. See more »

  • How Andy Warhol Worked

    How Andy Warhol Worked

    Despite his distaste for fame, Andy Warhol became one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. From the Factory to the Velvet Underground to those infamous soup cans, Warhol left an indelible impression on the modern art world. See more »

  • How Antiques Work

    How Antiques Work

    Every weekend, the antique hunters come out. They prowl the aisles of shows, scrutinize the offerings at sales and occasionally even wave cards at an auction. But what makes an antique an antique? And why are they so expensive? See more »

  • How Art Works

    How Art Works

    "Everyone's a critic," right? Why is that? Art is a fundamental part of the human experience, so it seems natural that many people express strong opinions about it. But are any of them actually right, or is beauty truly in the eye of the beholder? See more »

  • How Cubism Works

    How Cubism Works

    Cubism represented a clear-cut, intentional break with art as visual realism. How did Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque revolutionize the way artists looked at the world? See more »

  • How Frank Lloyd Wright Worked

    How Frank Lloyd Wright Worked

    Frank Lloyd Wright likely is best known for his architectural stylings and his eye for detail. But there was much more to the man: He liked fast cars, he loved women and he drew inspiration from Japanese art. How did that translate to his architecture? See more »

  • How Frida Kahlo Worked

    How Frida Kahlo Worked

    Her self-portraits are unmistakable -- they feature that same dark, brooding visage, crowned by a single eyebrow. But what do they mean? And, who was the woman behind the art? See more »

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