5 Reasons to Join a Sports Club

Sports Image Gallery Joining a sports club can be a lot like going to the dentist, but it's infinitely more rewarding -- and more fun. See more sports pictures.
Jim Cummings/Getty Images

For many of us, going to the gym has all the allure of going to the dentist. It's a painful chore instead of an uplifting treat. At first, it's tempting to write off our aversion to gyms as sheer laziness, but doesn't the gym itself share some of the blame? What's so enticing about "sweatin' to the oldies" in some overheated aerobics room, jockeying for an available elliptical machine, or trying to read Regis and Kelly's lips on a ceiling-mounted TV while pulling a hamstring on the weight machine? Thankfully, it doesn't have to be this way.

Sports clubs are the country clubs of the fitness world. Much more than just a place to work out, they offer loads of amenities that make membership not only beneficial to your mind and body, but actually enjoyable. In addition to well-stocked fitness areas, many sports clubs have expansive facilities with large lap pools, racquetball and squash courts, full-service spas and even indoor climbing walls.

Sports clubs generally aren't exclusive. Membership is more expensive than a bare-bones gym, but you're paying for the extra services and your overall comfort. That said, many sports clubs now offer low introductory rates, even waiving the standard registration fee.

If you're still convinced that gyms are a joke, keep reading for our top five reasons to join a sports club.