How to Find a Singles Sports Club

Sports Image Gallery With the popularity of singles' sports clubs, you can be selective in choosing a group, narrowing your options by a specific activity or interest. See more sports pictures.
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If there's one thing singles are looking for, it's other singles -- not only to increase dating prospects, but to enjoy the company of other adults without being a third wheel.

And if you've ever read or solicited advice on where to meet others who are uncoupled, you've probably heard the same guidance over and over: take a class, join a club, and chat with people at the gym.

The reason these suggestions are so often repeated is that they are legitimately successful tactics. You have a high probability of meeting other singles -- even a romantic match -- if you get involved in special-interest groups like sports leagues and athletic teams [source: Black].

This is assuming, of course, that you enjoy sports and athletic activities. If not, perhaps a gardening or basket-weaving class will be a better place for you. The key is to do something you like. Dating expert Dr. Neil Clark Warren consistently gives the advice that shared attributes and interests are crucial to relationship survival, and should therefore guide you in your search for a partner [source: eHarmony]. It's even ideal to find a mate with an energy level similar to your own [source: eHarmony]. This is what makes singles sports clubs so perfect for those who are both athletic and unattached.

So if you're ready to take the first step, lace up your sneakers and click on the next page. We're going to show you what to look for to find a singles sports club that's just right for you.