Leisure is a place for even the busiest people to take a break. You can learn to play cards, check out your horoscope, bet on your favorite game or find out more about arcades.

Remember how much fun you had as a kid swimming in the pool with your friends and playing Marco Polo or sharks and minnows? Do you remember the rules? What are some other classic pool games out there?

Ladder ball is a fun game for a family reunion or a barbecue with friends. Best of all, you don't have to put down your beer can to play!

Although bean bag toss has been a familiar part of school carnivals and family reunions for years, for some enthusiasts it is so much more. From serious competition to science lessons, the game has taken on a life of its own.

Summer days are perfect for little-to-no-skill–needed lawn games with family and friends in the backyard. We have 10 easy, do-it-yourself game suggestions from pickleball to crazy croquet.

With lawn darts still outlawed, what's an outdoor competitive spirit to do? Get ready for some summer games that come with only a tiny chance of a visit to the emergency room.

Home sweet home, your own safe sanctum -- though your very own yard might be out to get you. Don't sweat it -- just set things right and enjoy your backyard without fear.

Just about everyone loves an ooey, gooey s'more, but this dessert isn't just kid stuff. Here are five ideas to take your marshmallowy treat to the next level.

During those long days of summer when the kids are bored of playing with their expensive toys and video games, why not entertain them by creating an obstacle course using household items you already have?

Adults of a certain age have fond childhood memories of whizzing down a slippery wet piece of plastic in the backyard, called a Slip 'N Slide. They may be so nostalgic, they might want to recreate those good times in the here and now. But should they?

Swingsets – which can include, swings, slides and seesaws – are, like most children's toys, a compromise between the coolness level of the product and the amount of money a parent wants to pay. How do you find that sweet spot?

In the world of casual playground games, hopscotch rules. Did it really start out as Roman military training, and does everyone play the same version?

Winning the lottery seems part of everyone's daydream. But many winners say it actually becomes a nightmare. Why does it all go wrong? Here are some of the most spectacular flameouts we've come across.

Whether it's a leisurely spar in the backyard or an intense match on the Olympic stage, badminton remains one of the world's most well-loved sports. How did a child's game evolve into the sport we play and watch today?

Bocce ball is a game of skill and strategy for both serious athletes and amateur enthusiasts. Here's how you play.

Basketball is an American pastime that has turned into one of the world's most popular sports. Yet people still find new and different ways to put the ball and hoop to good use.

Your teenage skate junkie just begged you to build a skate park in your backyard. Before you acquiesce and starting working on halfpipes, there are a few additional steps you should take.

The classic game of soccer has many fans. But even if you're a purist, you'll probably enjoy some of these quirky (and sometimes messy) variations. Try them out in your own backyard!

Summer's a surefire recipe for sweaty, bored kids, so why not save your sanity and theirs by staging a fun play area for them, right in your own backyard?

Back and forth, back and forth -- volleyball can be a fun game that builds teamwork, but you might be ready to change up the rules a little. What if you couldn't see the other players on the other side of the net?

Croquet: It's not like in Wonderland: The balls don't walk away on their own, and nobody's wielding a flamingo mallet and screaming, "Off with their heads!" At least, most of the time.

Have you ever spent hours (days, weeks) staring at a Rubik's Cube, only to twist and turn its colored squares hopelessly? With a bit of deciphering, you can solve that cursed cube.

Do you like the strategy of a game like chess, but long for something more flashy? Like, say, lasers? The board game known as Khet might be just what you're looking for.

Despite its simple setup -- a few posts and several discs that form a pyramid -- the game known as Towers of Hanoi can be hard to solve without the right solution.

Imagine you're a super smart computer bored to tears by your job at a widget factory. What could make the time pass faster than pitting the robots you've built against each other in deadly, destructive races?

People are obsessed with Zynga's Scrabble-like Words With Friends game, but there are some habits that'll get you in trouble if you actually play Scrabble. We'll share 5 to watch out for.