June 3 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Geminis born June 3 are extremely intelligent, though their brilliance is likely to be analytical rather than creative in nature. They have considerable nervous energy that can manifest itself as ill temper. Although argumentative at times, they are much more likely to keep their feelings to themselves.


Friends and Lovers

June 3 individuals do not have the usual Gemini need for making friends, although others are easily attracted to them. There is an element of egotism in these folks, yet it does not detract from their likableness. In romance, they can be demanding partners because they need constant reassurance that their mates are devoted to them.

Children and Family

June 3 people tend to come from an extreme background. Whether extreme or fortunate, they have a difficult time reconciling their adult feelings with their childhood emotions. Instead of trying to rechannel their experience when they become parents, they often back off from the challenge.


These individuals have a strong constitution and amazing good health, especially in view of their tendency to overindulge. They have a great fondness for food and can eat virtually anything without ill effects. It is important that they balance their intake of sugar and starches with plenty of fresh vegetable juice and purified water.

Career and Finances

These individuals do best in careers requiring extreme mental discipline and study. They have tidy minds and make excellent students. They are sensitive to economic trends and have the ability to make excellent employment choices. Their financial fortunes rest upon how motivated they are to achieve all that they can. They need to be careful about investment opportunities.


Dreams and Goals

June 3 individuals wish to achieve a level of independence in their economic and personal lives. Although they work with some dedication to bring this about, they may lack the discipline to achieve their ultimate goals. They also may have set unrealistic personal goals. They can ignore their loved ones, but they may realize the value of those people only when they are no longer part of their lives.

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