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Comic books have been brought to life in popular Hollywood movies such as 'Batman.' Learn about popular comic books and comic book heroes.


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Batman Pictures

Batman has become one of DC Comics' greatest crime-fighting superheroes. With this picture gallery, you can follow the evolution of the Dark Knight.

How Web Comics Work

Web comics aren't your typical Sunday newspaper funnies -- they're surreal, gritty, philosophical and completely uncensored. Spare your fingers the ink stains and explore the infinite canvas of Web comics.

Who were Batman's parents?

In a lot of ways, Bruce Wayne's legacy has overshadowed the work of his parents. But before their untimely deaths Thomas and Martha Wayne were just as important to the economy and well-being of Gotham City as their son was.

Is Batman a sociopath?

For years, citizens of Gotham City have relied on the masked avenger known as Batman to protect them from the schemes of numerous madmen. Is it possible that Gotham's greatest champion, like so many of the inmates he's sent to Arkham Asylum, is a sociopath as well?

How the Joker Works

One of the most dangerous and powerful enemies that Batman has ever faced is the Joker. His origins can be traced back to a mysterious criminal known as the Red Hood. In this article you can trace the history and the development of the Joker character.

Dragon Con Survival Guide

Dragon Con, an annual sci-fi and fantasy convention in Atlanta, can be quite overwhelming for the first-timer. Make sense of the sensory overload with our guide to surviving Dragon Con.

Fantastic Four's Canon Report Card

"Fantastic Four" hit the big screen in 2005, a decade after Roger Corman produced the first Fantastic Four movie. Learn how the unreleased 1994 movie and the new Fantastic Four movie franchise compare to the source material.

Battling Blockbusters: Fighting Against Superman

It began with an e-mail from a reader who asked "Who would win in a fight -- a Jedi Knight or Superman?" That was all it took for us to wonder how Superman would fare against other stars from movies, books and comic books.

How Kryptonite Works

Most of us know that kryptonite is lethal for Superman, but do you know the precise scientific explanation for its effect? Find out just what it does to Superman and then consider what your own 'kryptonite' might be.

Essential Doom

In preparation for the movie version of the Fantastic Four, comic book pundit Matt Hunt runs down the ten best appearances of Dr. Doom in Marvel Comics.

How the Batmobile Works

The Batmobile in "Batman Begins" is real -- a physical object not a CG graphic. And yet the Batmobile is also an illusion. How can that be? Learn about the Batmobile and how it comes to life in "Batman Begins."

How the Batsuit Works

The Batsuit does a lot more for Batman than make him look scary. On its own the suit is an impressive piece of technology. The Batsuit combines armor, communications and combat technologies into one state-of-the-art system. Learn how the Batsuit works!

Wonder Woman's Dirty Secrets

Wonder Woman's creator was a radical psychologist/inventor/attorney who had two wives with two children each, all living together as one family. With an unconventional upbringing, it's no wonder one of America's favorite superheros has a unique career.

Heroes Unmasked: How secret are secret identities?

When over a dozen people know your "secret identity," is it really fair to call it secret? Comic book pundit Matt Hunt reveals just how many characters are in on the superheroes' darkest secrets.

Essential Elektra

HowStuffWorks breaks down the top ten Elektra comics. Find out who Elektra was before Jennifer Garner made her famous.

The Villains of Spider-Man 3

Who will Spider-man face in the third installment of his blockbuster film series? Maybe the Green Goblin or Venom? Or maybe Mysterio? Join us and consider all the possibilities as Stuffo takes an educated guess.

Who Killed Batman?

A movie trailer shows Robin coming out of retirement to avenge Batman's death -- clashing with Superman, Wonder Woman, the Joker and the Penguin along the way. What's the story on this ultimate superhero movie?

Hellboy Makeup: An Interview with Jake Garber

The movie "Hellboy" scored big at the box office as millions of people were turned on to a new kind of hero. Find out how makeup artist Jake Garber brought the big red guy to life.

Adapting 'Hellboy'

How do you adapt a comic-book story into a feature film? We turned to the creators of "Hellboy" to find out. Check out the amazing process of turning "Hellboy" the comic into "Hellboy" the Hollywood movie.