The Toys Channel has articles explaining how some of the coolest and most well-loved toys actually work. Learn the secrets of yo-yos, the wonder of LEGO bricks and magic of Baby Einstein.

A drawing toy with a white screen and a "pen" that lets you draw on it, along with a slider to erase the whole thing when you're through: Magna Doodle has remained popular with kids despite its simplicity.

Most of us have been eating PEZ candy since we were kids. What does PEZ stand for, and where did the kooky dispenser come from?

They look so unimpressive: a pair of flimsy glasses with thin plastic lenses, one blue and one red. But when you wear them in a 3-D movie, the images seem to leap off the screen toward you. How does the magic work?

How See 'n Says Work

Have you ever wondered how a See 'n Say produces sound without a battery? And where does it store its 26 different phrases? Solve the mystery of the See 'n Say!

How the Flybar Works

The Flybar is a new kind of pogo stick for adults that can take you higher than your flimsy childhood toy ever could. Learn about the new technology and design overhaul that makes the new Flybar so powerful.