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Music Genres

Music Genres outlines the most popular styles and forms of music, from hip-hop, jazz and even Grand Ole Opry country. Yee-haw.

How Hip-hop Works

What do tags and turntables have in common? They're both part of the cultural movement known as hip-hop. And while rapping most often takes center stage, movement and style are key cultural elements, too.

Do We Really Stop Caring About Music As We Get Older?

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So Now Bling Means Blink, Drake? How Hip-Hop Pushes Linguistic Evolution

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How Hip-hop Works

Hip-hop is a cultural movement that includes rap music, graffiti, fashion and dance. Learn about hip-hop in this article from HowStuffWorks. See more »

How Jazz Works

Jazz is often referred to as 'Americas Classical Music.' Find out where jazz music was created and learn about the culture associated with jazz. See more »

14 Notable Grand Ole Opry Performers

The Grand Ole Opry made Nashville the country music capital of the world. See our list of 14 notable Grand Ole Opry performers, including Johnny Cash. See more »