Delivering an ovation-worthy performance involves much more than just acting. Learn how costumes, lighting, music and special effects help to bring the stage to life.

How do fog machines work?

You've probably seen them at Halloween parties, dance clubs and stage productions. How does a machine generate thick amounts of fog, and is it safe to breathe?

The Complicated Relationship Between Men and Dancing

Pressures to seem macho can leave men off the dance floor — but it depends on the culture.

Hold Thy Horses: Shakespeare's First Folio Is Touring the U.S.

The First Folio is pretty much thee book that gave us Shakespeare. And now you may be able to see it for yourself.

How Burlesque Works

A true burlesque performance doesn't have to depend on taking off clothes. It's about telling a story. Whether a leg or something more is the final "reveal," the audience should be pleased if the story is well-told. That's the beauty of burlesque.

Gen Con 2012 Costumes

Gen Con is a huge gaming convention held every year in Indianapolis, Ind. And, just like many cons, it's a home for great costumes.

Costumes 101 Pictures

They're at every sci-fi convention and Halloween party -- those people who always have the most amazing, original costumes. Learn the basics of building a costume and find out what it takes to do well in costume competitions.

Dragon*Con 2010: Costume Pictures

One highlight of Dragon*Con is always the hundreds of fans walking around dressed as their favorite characters. See pictures of a few of our favorite costumes at Dragon*Con 2010.

Dragon*Con: Historical & Steampunk Costumes

Fan conventions are a costumer's paradise, and the fun isn't limited to superheroes, aliens and elves. Historical and alternate history costumes have their own place, as these pictures from Dragon*Con 2010 show.

10 Most Important Ballet Terms

Accomplished ballet dancers make their graceful feats look effortless. Of course, that means we don't notice the hard work that make them look easy -- or the terms to match those moves. Want to learn the meanings of those fancy French words?

How the Theatre Development Fund Works

If you've been to a Broadway show in the last four decades, there's a good chance you bought a discounted ticket at a TKTS booth. If so, you can thank the Theatre Development Fund for your low-cost ticket.

How the Metropolitan Opera Works

The Metropolitan Opera was established more than 100 years ago and hosts more than 200 performances each season. Find out how the Met got its start, and how technology has kept the performing arts alive.