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Delivering an ovation-worthy performance involves much more than just acting. Learn how costumes, lighting, music and special effects help to bring the stage to life.

10 Most Important Ballet Terms

Accomplished ballet dancers make their graceful feats look effortless. Of course, that means we don't notice the hard work that make them look easy -- or the terms to match those moves. Want to learn the meanings of those fancy French words?

The Complicated Relationship Between Men and Dancing

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Hold Thy Horses: Shakespeare's First Folio Is Touring the U.S.

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How Burlesque Works

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Gen Con 2012 Costumes

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Costumes 101 Pictures

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Dragon*Con 2010: Costume Pictures

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Dragon*Con: Historical & Steampunk Costumes

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10 Most Important Ballet Terms

The 10 most important ballet terms are explained in this article from HowStuffWorks. Learn about the 10 most important ballet terms. See more »

How the Theatre Development Fund Works

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How the Metropolitan Opera Works

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