How Golf Clubs Work

The Most Important Part: The Golfer

Mark Twain called the game of golf "a good walk spoiled." Golf club designers have tried to make it more difficult for golfers to spoil their fine walks with bad shots. Many golfers say the new forgiving clubs make a huge difference in their game. Variations are available for all levels of strength and experience, but choosing the right club and using it well are up to the golfer.

A poor choice of club and a bad swing can still produce the worst of shots from the best of clubs. And that's a good thing because it means the quality of the golfer is still of some importance in the game of golf.


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Golf Club FAQ

What are the three types of golf clubs?
Woods, irons and putters are the three types of golf clubs.
What is the average cost of golf clubs?
Between $250 and $350.
What are the different parts of golf clubs?
Golf clubs have three basic parts: the grip, the shaft and the head.
Is Callaway a good brand of golf clubs?
Callaway golf clubs are a great option for beginner golfers.
Why did Nike stop making golf clubs?
ESPN reports Nike stopped making golf clubs to focus on golf footwear and apparel.

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