NFL Players

NFL Players are held in high esteem for good reason. NFL Players not only have to be physically gifted, but also have to have to have a knowledge and passion for playing the game.

Topics to Explore:

NFL Quarterbacks are the team leaders on the field. Quarterback greats like Montana, Bradshaw, Namath and Unitas all engineered game-winning drives.

NFL Running Backs garner the most hits and the most yards of any player. Some running backs are bruisers like Earl Campbell and Franco Harris, while others are quick and elusive like Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith.

NFL Receivers always have great hands and most can seemingly see behind them to know when to juke and when to turn on the jets and go deep for the winning catch.

NFL Defensive Backs have a reputation for being mean, hard-hitting guys. And many defensive backs like "Mean" Joe Greene, Dick Butkus and Ronnie Lott were just that.

NFL Defensive Line players are designed for one thing - tackle whoever has the ball by any (legal) means necessary. Sack kings like Reggie White and Lawrence Taylor were fierce competitors.

NFL Offensive Line players are often the biggest and "beefiest" players on a team because their responsibility is to protect the quarterback and running back.