March 4 Birthday Astrology

The astrological symbol for Pisces, the twelfth sign of the year, is the Fish. Numerology Sign/Flickr (CC By 2.0)

At times life may seem to be a battlefield to the courageous and iconoclastic Pisces born on March 4. They seem to attract upheaval and chaos. Yet this destabilization gives them their perspective. They may practice an intellectual or spiritual discipline to express their true nature.


Friends and Lovers

People born on this date are cautious when choosing people to trust. They usually have

a small but loyal group of friends and are apt


to discourage casual acquaintances. Their love life is often intense. They are attracted to people who share their love of spontaneity.

Children and Family

March 4 people often experience turmoil in their childhood years. Before they can become successful parents, they need to put their house in order. When they deal with issues from their past, they have an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and begin again.



March 4 natives experience frequent ups and downs in health matters, which are usually related to their indifference. Although they have boundless energy, they sometimes overtax themselves.


Career and Finances

People born on this date have nervous energy and are rarely comfortable in sedentary, nine-to-five jobs. They favor a career where every day is different. Although they have a reputation for playing fast and loose with money, they have good instincts.


Dreams and Goals

These people have an all-or-nothing mentality. If they cannot reach the highest goals they set, they may not be interested in attempting anything. The challenge that awaits them is to work toward their lofty ambitions while pursuing reachable goals.



Jill M. Phillips is the author of hundreds of articles on astrology as well as dozens of books. She has regularly written forecast columns for Astrology: Your Daily Horoscope.