2023 Horoscopes for Every Zodiac Sign

By: Dominique Michelle Astorino  | 
2023 horoscope
2023 is going to be a great year, according to the stars. magic pictures/Shutterstock

A new year lies ahead and with it, new energies and themes from the cosmos. We tapped master astrologer Shannon Aganza, creator of MoonGathering Astrology and Numerology Coursework, to forecast the next 12 months and provide a 2023 horoscope for each zodiac sign.

For the year ahead, the biggest astrological transit is Saturn (the planet of structure, systems, governments and rules) moving out of a long stretch in its homes of Capricorn and Aquarius, where it's been traversing since 2017. This is truly the end of an era — for five(ish) years, Saturn was supercharged through the driven, structured signs of the sea goat and water bearer. Now the ringed planet moves into the dreamier, gentler realm of Pisces.


2023 will also see some other cosmic shifts, including Pluto moving into Aquarius, as well as a retrograde Venus in Leo during the summer. But at the collective, big picture, year-at-a-glance level, the Saturnian shift into watery Pisces is the greatest energy change we'll experience.

But First, Check Your Rising Sign

Before you read your year ahead horoscope and themes, check your rising sign (based on the time you were born), which can be different from your sun sign (based on the day you were born). "This is what the ancients would refer to as your astrological 'identity,'" more than your sun sign, says Aganza. You may even find, if you haven't explored it already, that you identify more with your rising sign or ascendant (the zodiac sign on the horizon at the time you were born) than you do with your sun sign. Your rising sign also determines what area of your life is affected by certain astrological transits (including the aforementioned Saturn transit into Pisces).

To find your rising sign, create a free birth chart (also called a natal chart) using a site like Cafe Astrology or Astro-Charts.com by entering your birth time, date and location. The time is extremely important and must be to-the-minute specific in order to create an accurate astrological birth chart. (The birth chart also helps you determine which planet was in what house at your moment of birth. The houses represent various parts of your life, like health, finances, etc.)


Once you have your rising sign, read your year ahead forecast based on that and your sun sign, and take what resonates.

With this in mind, Aganza has forecast main themes for each of the 12 zodiac signs.


Aries: Face Your Fears

If your sun or rising sign falls in Aries, the fiery sign of the ram, "Saturn is moving into your 12th house of self-sabotage, spirituality or the psychic realm, and just simply put, letting go," says Aganza. While that sounds a little scary, stay with us. "This is a time more than ever to go within, rather than focusing efforts outward," she says. It's the time to do some more serious inner work, facing fears and inner demons, sorting through past traumas and things you want to "clean up" in your mental and spiritual world.

"If we are willing to do the work, we can see where we are creating our own misery," says Aganza. "The ancients believed that Saturn found its 'joy' in the 12th house, so he's willing to mentor you through this transit." Though daunting, this process allows you to level up in a major way and prepare for the next Saturn transit when it comes into your first house of self in three years. "That's when you can take over the world!"


Taurus: Find Your Tribe

The Venusian bull of the zodiac will feel the Saturn shift helping with the reassessment of friend circles. "You'll be craving a little more maturity and will want your friends to reflect this desire," says Aganza. For Tauruses, this transit is happening in the 11th house of the collective, where you'll find friendships and friend groups.

What are your groups up to? Are they supportive, adding value and joy to your life? Are they helping you achieve your higher purpose? "It's time to find value in joining organizations that are aligned with your beliefs or passions. You may have a desire to do more than just focus on your own needs," she says.


Gemini: Dedicate Time to Your Career

For those whose sun and/or rising belong to the third sign of the zodiac — the witty Gemini twins — Saturn will be in your 10th house of career and public life, lending some extra rocket fuel to your driving forces and bolstering your work ethic. A career overhaul, promotion or strategic business plan could be in the works, or you could simply be throwing yourself more into your professional life. Heed this important note from Aganza: "Understand that added responsibilities or pressures placed on you are worth tracking to completion. It's a worthy investment in yourself with a payout later."


Cancer: Explore Travel

If you're a watery, nurturing Cancer, this year holds "a broader perspective of self," for the sign of the crab, explains Aganza. Cancer will feel Saturn move into its ninth house of education, philosophy, spirituality, wisdom and long-distance travel — your exploration into the vast world around you. "This is time to uplevel your base knowledge," she says. "There's a desire to grow and know more. Travel takes you to other cultures than your own to satiate that desire to see through the lens of how other people experience/see the world." Time to book a trip!


Leo: Consider Karmic Relations

Proud, fixed-fire Leo — the lion of the cosmos — is in for some karmic balancing in 2023. "The fixed energy of the Leo willpower meets its match, with a focus on knowing when to yield to another's authority and when to take the lead," says Aganza. Consider this a cosmic ego check. "If the ego is driving the car, blocks are sure to show up. True leadership is knowing when to default to someone who has more knowledge and when to use Leo's position of power as an opportunity to serve."

Additionally, Leos will probably experience a strong focus settling on clearing debt — or incurring debt through investments that pay off later, she says.


Virgo: Explore Serious, Intimate Relationships

Thoughtful, methodical, mercurial Virgo will experience a shift as Saturn now sits in your opposite sign of Pisces. An opposition isn't always a bad thing. In fact, this also means that Saturn will be swimming through your seventh house of committed partnerships, which could be indicative of bringing stability to a significant relationship. "Saturn requires work though, so you'll find yourself working on existing relationships or a developing relationship," says Aganza. "The strict teacher Saturn gives you truthful feedback on what people get from you."

What this means is that as the editor of the zodiac, Virgo will become more aware of how they are perceived in relationships this year — the good, the bad, the ugly — and Saturn is there to help make the appropriate changes when necessary.


Libra: Prioritize Self-Care and Health

The Venusian scales of Libra provide a happy throne for justice-minded Saturn, but what about when structured Saturn finds itself in boundaryless Pisces? Libras find themselves living through a Saturn transit in their sixth house of health, daily routine and work — meaning that these aspects of life are about to get a lot more serious. If you're ready to seriously structure your everyday life and your day-to-day work, tackle a new health routine or fitness program, overhaul your self-care, organize your medical plan and anything else within that realm, the cosmos is here to support you in 2023. "As Libra tends to take care of everyone else first, now is the time to prioritize your physical and mental self-care," says Aganza.


Scorpio: Lighten Up and Have Some Fun

Deep and penetrating Scorpios will be challenged to let the little things go and allow in some light-hearted fun. Saturn is coming to your fifth house of creativity, pleasure, projects and children. "As Saturn is the ultimate 'lesson' planet, having fun (or being lighter) is the lesson," says Aganza. "Creativity is amped up! That unmatched Scorpio gift of manifestation is met with Saturn to give roots and tangibility to creative endeavors." And, you might get a stork visit this year, if you're tracking toward that particular plan. "If appropriate, pregnancy comes in as a strong theme over the next three years, starting now."


Sagittarius: Feel Stable at Home

Optimistic and wise Sagittarius feels this Saturnian transit literally at home and with family, Aganza explains. For those who fall into the sign of the archer, Saturn will now be traveling through your fourth house of home and family — your root system is in the shimmering pools of creative Pisces. With the planet of structure and achievement transiting this area of your chart, you could be due for a remodel or simply a reorganization of your sanctuary. This could apply to the body you call home as well. Aganza also suggests that "investment in property or an opportunity to buy a home could manifest in this cycle."

Capricorn: Learn a New Skill

Saturn-led Capricorn will perhaps be a bit more sensitive to a shift in its ruling planet (just like Aquarius). This transit moves from your second house of resources to your third house of communication and community. "Capricorns have been in lesson mode for the last five years," says Aganza. "Finally, things are easing up. Now is a safe time to reflect on what was learned during this last cycle — so write it down, as now you're in a cycle that supports communication through the written and spoken word."

If you're feeling ready for some mental stimulation or expansion, Aganza says this is the prime time to take advantage of this new energy. "Take a class to learn a new skill that resources your 'new self.'"

Aquarius: Assess Values, Talents and Resources

After the past two-and-a-half years, Aquarians may breathe a sigh of relief as their ruling planet moves out of its electrically charged home and into the next sign of the zodiac. That also means your chart ruler is moving into your second house of resources and values. "What do you truly care about?" asks Aganza. "This is a good time to allot energy to that. You may also feel an opening to the cultivation and feeding of latent talents. Now is an ideal time to nurture these parts of the self."

If you've been lacking the drive or motivation to get into those budget spreadsheets and savings strategies, the cosmic energy of 2023 could lend some serious support.

Pisces: Find the Structure You've Been Dreaming Of

We've made it to the 12th and final sign of the zodiacal wheel, the cosmic fish: Pisces. Perhaps most affected by this transit is our mutable water sign, as this is where Saturn will be spending the next three years. Saturn is transiting you and your first house; this will bring a sense of gravitas and responsibility to your life in general, but don't fret. You might really need this. "This can come as a relief," Aganza explains.

"Pisces is not usually the most grounded person in the room," she says, lightheartedly. "So, Saturn can bring some well-needed stability to the sensitive Piscean. Structure is your best friend these next three years." Saturn can help you quickly identify where cracks in the foundation may lie, she explains, particularly when things are not operating in a structured manner. So, if things have felt a touch chaotic in your life, this is the structuring you've been waiting for.

"If you respond to Saturn's feedback (and create more order), life will miraculously fall into place," she says. "When things feel hard, run toward the challenge and you can reap the benefits and gifts of Saturn more than anyone else in the zodiac!" Sounds like a blessed 2023.