Artwork teaches us how to draw all sorts of objects, scenes and vistas where the world is your canvas and you can draw your own experiences.

Claude Monet Giverny Paintings

Claude Monet was passionate about painting and gardening. Learn about the lush flower and water gardens Monet created and painted at his Giverny estate.

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  • How Henri Matisse Worked

    How Henri Matisse Worked

    Although people now celebrate his bright colors and abstract figures, Henri Matisse was viewed as a radical in his own time -- when he turned the art world upside down. How did a quiet man from a small town become one of the most important French painters of the 20th century? See more »

  • How Illustration Works

    How Illustration Works

    Greg and Tim Hildebrandt's famous illustrations shaped how countless other artists envisioned Tolkien's world. Learn all about the remarkable process that leads to these amazing paintings. See more »

  • How Indoor Clouds Work

    How Indoor Clouds Work

    Can weather move indoors? Thanks to an artist from Amsterdam, yes. Learn how these works of climate art come to be, and whether you're likely to have indoor weather of your own anytime soon. See more »

  • How Jackson Pollock Worked

    How Jackson Pollock Worked

    One of the most well-known, and American, artists of the 20th century is undoubtedly Jackson Pollock. Even if you think of his famous "drip" technique as something so simple a child could do it, his fame has been cemented in the American consciousness. See more »

  • How Lampworking Works

    How Lampworking Works

    In glass blowing, artists give form to their work by blowing air into hot glass. People who practice lampworking also create art from the same stuff your windows are made from. What makes lampworking unique, and how did it get its name? See more »

  • How M.C. Escher Worked

    How M.C. Escher Worked

    Most artists are renowned for capturing reality; M.C. Escher became famous for bending it. The creator of such visual stunners as "Relativity" and "Castle in the Air" had more in common with the mathematicians than the visual artists of his time. See more »

  • How Millefiori Works

    How Millefiori Works

    Millefiori, an Italian word meaning "thousand flowers," is a type of glass art that has been practiced for millennia. How have the years changed the way people make millefiori? Can you do it yourself? See more »

  • How Pablo Picasso Worked

    How Pablo Picasso Worked

    Pablo Picasso was arguably the most famous visual artist of the 20th century -- he produces tens of thousands of works and even helped start a stylistic movement. What was the artist like, and how do historians define his styles? See more »

  • How Salvador Dali Worked

    How Salvador Dali Worked

    Salvador Dali's paintings are among the most easily recognizable in the world. Oozing pocket watches, bleak expansive landscapes, erotic and grotesque nudes -- they're mind-bending exercises in subconscious exploration. But who was Dali, and how real was his eccentric life story? See more »

  • How Stained Glass Works

    How Stained Glass Works

    Making stained glass is the ancient art of creating colored glass to use in decorative ways. Although the first colored glass may have been used as jewelry or even currency, you probably see stained glass predominantly in windows today. See more »

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