Quiz: How Well Do You Know Art History?

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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Art History?
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When people think of art, the first painting that pops in their mind is probably the Mona Lisa, but there are other important classical paintings. And what about modern art? Take this quiz and find out how much you know about famous artists and their work!
Which Renaissance painter also designed a flying machine?
Leonardo Da Vinci
Da Vinci studied every thing from painting to hydraulics to anatomy.
Which famous psychologist fascinated Salvador Dali?
Sigmund Freud
Like Freud, Dali believed dreams were central to human thought.
Carl Jung
Ivan Pavlov
Name the artist that cut off part of his ear.
Vincent Van Gogh
Some speculate that Van Gogh, dependent on his brother Theo's financial support, mutilated himself after learning that Theo was getting married.
Andy Warhol


Which artist was known for drip paintings?
Andy Warhol
Salvador Dali
Jackson Pollock
Pollock liked to launch paint at his canvas, often from an elevated position.
What world event is depicted in Pablo Picasso's Guernica?
the Spanish Civil War
Guernica depicts war-torn Spain.
World War I
the French Revolution
Who painted "The Persistence of Memory," also known as the "melting clocks painting"?
Salvador Dali
Dali used cliffs in Catalonia, Spain as a reference for "The Persistence of Memory."
Pablo Picasso


What was Andy Warhol's inspiration for his paintings?
pop culture
Warhol wanted to bridge the gap between fine and commercial art.
In which museum is the Mona Lisa located?
the Louvre
The Mona Lisa is one of the Louvre's most popular attractions.
the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art
the Prado
When did the postmodern art history period begin?
Famous postmodern artists include Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg.


Which museum is known for the largest art heist in American history?
the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art
the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
On March 18, 1990, two thieves dressed as policemen stole 13 pieces of art worth $500 million from the Gardner museum.
the Guggenheim
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