Who Killed Batman?

Photo courtesy UntamedCinema

August 31, 2004

Batman's been murdered. Chief O'Hara's in a bad way. Robin has long since hung up his superhero tights, but he's the only one who can avenge Batman's death. Superman and Wonder Woman are sidelining as enforcers for a corrupt Commissioner Gordon. The Joker's back, flanked by two karate-kicking, hipster Jokerettes. And is that the Penguin beckoning from the shadows?

What's going on here?


­ Director John Fiorella and cinematographer Gabriel Sabloff took on all this and more in the 18 months worth of nights and weekends they devoted to producing the extended trailer "Grayson." Without studio support of any kind, they created a dramatic and visually stunning preview of a movie that may never exist. There's no "Grayson" screenplay, no big studio backing, not even a gentleman's agreement to produce a feature-length film; just a love for the D.C. comics superheroes and an itch for filmmaking.

Fiorella explains:

"The ultimate goal was to make a film that I was proud of and wanted to share with other people. As a filmmaker that's what I do. Of course, it stands as a great demo piece to showcase my passion for filmmaking. I realize the odds are a billion-to-one of the actual film getting made, but I'm not afraid of those odds."