Early 1900s Baseball Season Recaps

The Early 1900s in baseball were a glorious time because for the first time in a decade, there were two major leagues - the National League and the American League.


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1908 Baseball Season

At the end of the 1908 baseball season, the Cubs won the World Series -- their last in almost 100 years. Learn all about the 1908 baseball season.

1909 Baseball Season

Capping the 1909 baseball season, the Pittsburgh Pirates won the most exciting World Series to date. Learn more about the 1909 baseball season.

1904 Baseball Season

During the 1904 baseball season, supporters enjoyed the first of many Boston vs. New York pennant races. Learn more about the 1904 baseball season.

1905 Baseball Season

Batting averages were low and ERAs were high during the 1905 baseball season. Get the statistics and highlights for the lackluster 1905 baseball season here.

1906 Baseball Season

The 1906 baseball season saw the first one-city World Series. Over the next 83 years, there would be 14 more -- 13 played in New York. But the 1906 World Series was the first, last, and only all-Chicago affair.

1901 Baseball Season

In the 1901 baseball season, for the first time in a decade, there were two major leagues. Two years were to pass before they learned to coexist peacefully. In the meantime, it was all-out war. Read more about the 1901 season.

1902 Baseball Season

During the 1902 baseball season, the feud between the National League and the American league began to boil over. Find out what happened…

1903 Baseball Season

After the 1903 baseball season, the two first-place clubs played what would become known as the World Series. Learn more about the 1903 season.