1950s Baseball Season Recaps

Baseball in the 1950s saw the dawn of future hall of famers when Willie Mays won Rookie of the Year in 1951 and Hank Aaron came to prominence in 1957.


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1956 Baseball Season

The New York Yankees opened the 1956 baseball season wanting revenge. Their target: The Brooklyn Dodgers, who had taken the World Series championship the previous year. Read more highlights of the 1956 baseball season.

1955 Baseball Season

The 1955 baseball season saw the Brooklyn Dodgers nip the Yanks in seven tough games to win it all. Revisit the 1955 Baseball season with this season recap full of highlights and the biggest headlines.

1954 Baseball Season

The Yankees won 103 games, and the Indians pulled out 111 victories. But even with those winning numbers, the 1954 baseball season ended with the New York Giants sweeping Cleveland. Learn more about the 1954 baseball season.

1953 Baseball Season

With the ease of modern air transportation, Lou Perini moved his Braves team from Boston to Milwaukee in the 1953 baseball season. Read about the league leaders like Warren Spahn and Eddie Mathew, and other events that took place during the 1953 season.

1952 Baseball Season

By the time the 1952 baseball season arrived, the Yankees had won three rings in a row, and Joe DiMaggio retired. Read more about this baseball season.

1950 Baseball Season

The Philadelphia Phillies shocked the nation in the 1950 baseball season -- they made it to the World Series. Learn more about this exciting baseball season.

1951 Baseball Season

Though it was a slow season, the 1951 baseball season was the dawning of an era with a new commissioner in charge. The Dodgers came flying out of the gate behind MVP Roy Campanella. Check out the highlights of the 1951 baseball season.

1957 Baseball Season

1957 was Hank Aaron's year -- he seized the public's attention with an awesome MVP performance. See all the highlights including the 1957 World Series.

1958 Baseball Season

The Braves, the Browns, the Athletics, and the Dodgers all moved to new cities in 1958. The 1958 baseball season featured the New York Yankees winning the World Series despite being down 1-3. Learn more about the 1958 baseball season.

1959 Baseball Season

Ted Williams and Stan Musial dropped to merely average performance in the twilight of their careers. The 1959 baseball season featured the Los Angeles Dodgers winning the World Series. Learn more about the 1959 baseball season.