1910s Baseball Season Recaps

The 1910s in baseball saw records fall and greats like Frank "Homerun" Baker and Babe Ruth really shine.


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1912 Baseball Season

For the 1912 baseball season, three new ballparks opened -- Fenway, Navin Field (later Tiger Stadium), and Cincinnati's Redland Field (later Crosley Field) -- and, coincidentally or not, the major leagues reached the offensive peak of the decade.

1913 Baseball Season

Somehow during the 1913 baseball season -- possibly by increased use of the spitball and other trick pitches -- major league pitchers began to regain their mastery over hitters. See all the highlights including the 1913 World Series.

1914 Baseball Season

The 1914 baseball season belonged to the Boston Braves, who rose from last place in July to a pennant in the fall. Starting the season with a 4-18 record and without injured shortstop Rabbit Maranville, manager George Stallings saw his team unite by midsummer.

1915 Baseball Season

The 1915 baseball season saw the end of the Federal League and Babe Ruth's first homer, as well as another World Series between Boston and Philadelphia. See all the highlights including the 1915 World Series.

1911 Baseball Season

The 1911 baseball season showcased the legendary Ty Cobb among many other players. Both leagues used the lively, cork-centered ball throughout the season, bringing at least a holiday from the dead-ball era while pitchers were put on the defensive.

1910 Baseball Season

The 1910 baseball season was another dead-ball year which meant it was good for pitchers like Cy Young. With few home runs, baseball for most of the 1910s was low-scoring and dominated by pitching, defense, and the running game.

1916 Baseball Season

In 1916 the Giants opened the season with a bad streak of consecutive losses, and went on to set a record winning streak. The Boston Red Sox took the World Series Championship. See highlights and headlines from the 1916 season.

1917 Baseball Season

The 1917 baseball season belonged to the Chicago White Sox as they clobbered the Giants for the World Series win. Ty Cobb also made a comeback for a spectacular offensive season. See all the highlights of the 1917 baseball season.

1918 Baseball Season

The 1918 baseball season was cut short due to World War I -- baseball did not claim exemption as a public morale service. See the highlights of the short season including the Red Sox vs. Cubs 1918 World Series.

1919 Baseball Season

With the end of World War I in 1919, both baseball and the nation as a whole returned to business as usual. The 1919 baseball season is famous for the scandal involved when the Chicago White Sox threw the World Series away to the Cincinnati Reds.