1930s Baseball Season Recaps

The 1930s in baseball were as tough as the economy and political climate of the country. Baseball lost two of its founders in Ban Johnson and Charles Comisky, as well as famed sluggers Lou Gehrig and Ted Williams.


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1939 Baseball Season

The American League lost the slugger and Iron Man Lou Gehrig to retirement, but it gained the rookie sensation and future hall-of-famer Ted Williams. Read this article for a recap and highlights of the 1939 baseball season.

1931 Baseball Season

The 1931 baseball season saw the major leagues return to a more balanced offense and defense, as the sport paid respects to two of the American League's most important figures.

1932 Baseball Season

The 1932 baseball season saw Babe Ruth's last great year of baseball and a NY Yankees comeback to win the American League pennant after three years of post-season failure. See the highlights including the 1932 World Series.

1933 Baseball Season

Manager John McGraw retired in 1932, but his NY Giants team went on to dominated the 1933 season. This year also featured the first All-Star game. See all the highlightsof the 1933 baseball season, including the results of the 1933 World Series.

1934 Baseball Season

In the 1934 baseball season the hard-hitting Tigers and the rough-and-tumble Cards stood out. See the season's highlights as well as the 1934 World Series.

1935 Baseball Season

The end of Babe Ruth's legendary career and the Chicago Cubs’ surprising 21-game winning streak to claim the pennant were the main events of the 1935 baseball season. See all the highlights including the 1935 World Series.

1936 Baseball Season

1936 was a crucial year for baseball -- the New York Yankees discovered another legend: Joe DiMaggio. See all the highlights including the 1936 World Series.

1937 Baseball Season

The season was a controversial one for St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Dizzy Dean. After being called on a balk, he became angry and began throwing at opposing batters. See all the highlights of the 1937 baseball season, including the World Series.

1938 Baseball Season

The New York Yankees marched on to yet another victorious year, claiming the World Series trophy in a sweep of the Cubs. Jimmie Foxx of the Red Sox also had one of the best offensive seasons in baseball history. See all the highlights of the 1938 season.

1930 Baseball Season

The 1930 baseball season was an exciting one with many individual hitting records set. The most famous of these is Babe Ruth's incredible 52 home runs. See all the highlights including the 1930 World Series.