1960s Baseball Season Recaps

Early in the 1960s baseball saw great pitching from Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale, but it was Bob Gibson who crushed the Red Sox's hope of a World Series in 1967.


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1962 Baseball Season

The National League expanded to a roster of ten teams in the 1962 season with the addition of the Mets and the Houston Colt .45s. The Yankees won the Series again, despite extra competition in the other league. Learn more about the 1962 baseball season.

1963 Baseball Season

The 1963 baseball season featured Sandy Koufax and the Los Angeles Dodgers winning the World Series. On the way, Sandy Koufax had one of the best pitching seasons in baseball history. Learn more about the 1963 baseball season.

1964 Baseball Season

The St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series by overcoming the Yankees in the New York team's fifth consecutive World Series appearance. Learn more highlights and anecdotes from the 1964 baseball season.

1965 Baseball Season

Sandy Koufax had a fantastic year in 1965, with league-leading numbers in wins, strikeouts and ERA. The 1965 baseball season featured the Los Angeles Dodgers winning the World Series after a one year hiatus. Learn more about the 1965 baseball season.

1966 Baseball Season

The 1966 baseball season saw a tearful farewell from Los Angeles Dodger Sandy Koufax, after another impressive season at the top of his pitching game, and the MVP for Roberto Clemente. Learn about the 1966 baseball season.

1961 Baseball Season

Ralph Houk took over managing the 1961 Yankees, and led his team to another pennant. The season featured those Yankees winning the World Series and racking up record home runs. Learn more about the 1961 baseball season.

1967 Baseball Season

Behind the strong arm of pitcher Bob Gibson, the 1967 baseball season saw the St. Louis Cardinals win their second Series in four years over the Boston Red Sox. Learn more facts and highlights from the 1967 baseball season.

1968 Baseball Season

Known as "The Year of the Pitchter," the 1968 baseball season featured the Detroit Tigers winning their first Series since 1945. The league-leading hitter only eked out a .301 average. See other highlights of the 1968 baseball season.

1969 Baseball Season

Mickey Mantle retired in 1969 and the league gained a new commissioner. Aside from that, the 1969 baseball season saw a number of record-setting plays. See all the highlights of the 1969 season, including the Mets amazing World Series win.

1960 Baseball Season

The Pittsburgh Pirates won the 1960 World Series, but all eyes were on the slugging duo of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, who made up for the weak pitching staff of the Yankees. Learn more about the highlights and stars of the 1960 baseball season.