1940s Baseball Season Recaps

1940s baseball season recaps include highlights of baseball seasons from the early 20th century.


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1946 Baseball Season

During the 1946 baseball season, the St. Louis Cardinals won the 1946 World Series in seven well-pitched games. Learn more about this baseball season.

1947 Baseball Season

The year of Jackie Robinson and also the year of the first televised World Series -- this was 1947. Robinson debuted with the Brooklyn Dodgers and earned Rookie of the Year for his performance. Learn more about the 1947 baseball season.

1948 Baseball Season

During the 1948 baseball season, baseball came within one game of having an all-Boston World Series. Find out more about the 1948 baseball season.

1949 Baseball Season

During the 1949 baseball season, Casey Stengel platooned the New York Yankees to the world title. Get highlights from this historic baseball season.

1944 Baseball Season

The 1944 baseball season was the nadir of wartime baseball but the National League still managed to shine. The American League, however, had to limp along with a player shortage. Learn more about the 1944 baseball season.

1945 Baseball Season

The approaching end of World War II meant the return of some of baseball's biggest stars to the baseball diamond. Among the returning stars were Bob Feller, Charlie Keller, and Hank Greenberg. Read more about the 1945 baseball season.

1941 Baseball Season

The Streak: One of baseball's longest-standing records was set in 1941 by Joe DiMaggio's hitting safely in 56 consecutive games. Despite the Streak, DiMaggio's season totals were surpassed by Ted Williams. Read more about this unforgettable baseball season.

1943 Baseball Season

Night games became more and more popular to adjust to the wartime needs of America's workers. While the 1943 baseball season was affected by World War II, history was being made in the sport. Read this article for the 1943 baseball season highlights.

1940 Baseball Season

In the 1940 baseball season, the Cincinnati Reds took the National League pennant by 12 games over Brooklyn. Get more details about this notable baseball season.

1942 Baseball Season

1942 marked another unique year for baseball, as star players left to serve their country in World War II. See all the highlights including the 1942 World Series.