10 Ways Our Moviegoing Experience Will Change

Premium Ticket Packages
Some tickets may automatically include your snacks and other goodies like posters and access to digital content. © Antonprado/iStockphoto

Anyone can stream movies at home. It's convenient, but it's not special. But not everyone gets to see a hotly anticipated movie several days before its nationwide release. That's an exclusive experience. And theaters are finding ways to sell exclusivity to the right people.

In one limited experiment for the movie "World War Z," audience members paid $50 for a so-called Mega Ticket, which granted them access to an early screening, a digital copy of the movie, a poster, 3-D glasses, and of course, popcorn.

It's not as if the theater and studio are raking mega bucks with promotions like Mega Tickets. But in providing a special experience — namely, one that the audience can't duplicate at home — there's a unique experience in the act of going to the movie in person. These kinds of special offers may be more common if studios and theaters find them useful for attracting more customers.

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