10 Ways Our Moviegoing Experience Will Change

Dinner and a Movie ... Both at the Cinema
The level of service varies from fast food to fancier fare, but bypassing the line at the concessions counter is a big draw for some theater goers. © Randy Faris/Corbis

One of the challenges of movie going has always been timing a snack run. You wait for a lull in the action and then walk briskly to the snack counter, grab your popcorn and then sprint back to your seat, hoping that you didn't miss any of the fun.

Some theaters are taking the guesswork out of snack dashes by bringing the food to you instead. Just press a button and a server will magically (and discreetly) appear to take your order, and then deliver your food when it's ready. In the over-21 version of the same concept, that same server delivers alcoholic beverages of your choice, so that you can dull your senses during a particularly disappointing flick.

For people who want to shift the dinner-and-a-movie paradigm by combining the two elements, these kinds of theaters may fulfill a lifelong dream. Still, even this business model can't help you when you need a bathroom break during the best part of a film.

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