June 26 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

June 26 Cancers are blessed with brilliant and creative minds. They enjoy conversation yet feel frustrated with its limitations. It is easy to mistake these loner types as being unhappy since their disposition is incredibly solemn. Yet under the calm and quiet surface is a wicked sense of humor that can cut their scholarly reputation to ribbons.


Friends and Lovers

The typical June 26 native has a powerful personality that attracts others. However, their complexity can be exhausting for all but those who love them best. In romance, they may be far too analytical to give themselves up to its uncertainties. Despite their bohemian nature, they thrive when part of a relationship or marriage.

Children and Family

June 26 natives are not emotionally bound to their childhood. They may even dismiss it as a somewhat irrelevant part of their lives. Once they have their own children, these formerly self-absorbed people become tender and vulnerable in their parental role.


June 26 people can be quite fussy about their health, worrying that their long hours at work will put an unavoidable strain on their physical constitution. For this reason they are careful to get plenty of physical exercise, and to watch what they eat.

Career and Finances

Verbal communication is the forte of June 26 individuals, and they make effective writers, public speakers, teachers, and therapists. Finances are different. No matter how much money they make, they likely feel inadequately paid.


Dreams and Goals

June 26 people wish to influence their world in a meaningful way. They will pursue this goal throughout their lives, sometimes feeling cheated if they are not able to accomplish it.

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