An Astrologer Explains the Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

By: Dominique Michelle Astorino  | 
air signs in astrology
Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are air signs in astrology. tinkivinki/Shutterstock

With astrology becoming more popular by the day, someone has likely asked you "what's your sign?" or "what's your big three?" Aside from knowing the constellation that corresponds with your birthday, you might also want to know what type of sign you might be. This brings us to the elements of astrology, including air signs.

"One of the best places to start learning astrology is through learning the elements," says master astrologer Shannon Aganza, creator of MoonGathering astrology school. "This is where I begin teaching my courses: first, with the fire signs, followed by air signs where we feel communicative, mental energy."


What You Need to Know About the Elements

There are four elements in total in western astrology and each element has its own traits. The air element finds itself with a different energy from the other elements, which are fire signs, water signs and earth signs.

Every element rules three signs in total, and signs in the same element share similar qualities. They're also divvied into two categories, either yin or yang, according to Aganza.


"Air signs and fire signs are 'yang' energy, up and out, active, expressive, extroverted," says Aganza. "Earth signs and water signs are 'yin' energy, down and in, passive, contemplative, receptive, introverted and intuitive."

From this framework, we can understand that fire signs and air signs — the yang signs — inherently have similar ideas of what life should be like, and have the ability to understand one another instinctively. The same goes for earth and water signs who have their yin nature in common.


Which Zodiac Signs Are Air Signs?

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius comprise the three air signs of the zodiac: the twins, the scales and the water bearer, respectively. Gemini season lands between spring and summer, Libra kicks off autumn, and Aquarius season is squarely in the wintertime.

Air Sign Traits

Regardless of the sign itself, all air signs share certain traits — positive and negative.


An in-balance air sign will be "quick minded, quick-witted, intellectual, abstract, rational, logical, conceptual and theoretical," says Aganza. "Air signs tend to also be chatty — communicative, social, friendly and gregarious." Think: social butterflies.

Individuals with air as their ruling element are usually quite curious, with the ability to be objective and impersonal. Whereas water signs can be particularly emotional, signs with more air energy are "dispassionate in order to maintain objectivity," Aganza adds. Air signs bring clarity, clear vision and cleverness. "They're versatile."

Air Sign Struggles

An out-of-balance air sign can be "spacey, ungrounded or insubstantial," says Aganza. If they get too "in their heads," they can also "over think and be nervous." This can go too far into making air signs feel "aloof, distant, removed, unfeeling," (the opposite of water signs).

The gift of gab can also get the best of them. When they're not feeling their best or most "in balance," Aganza says they can veer toward "over intellectualization," and being "overly verbose, nosy and meddlesome (gossiping), and even superficial."

Last things to watch out for if you're air sign dominant: inconsistency, indecision, vacillation and flightiness, says Aganza.


Mutable Sign Gemini (May 21-June 19)

Gemini air sign
Gemini is the fastest of the air signs and is also known for communication skills. Inkoly/Shutterstock

Natural ruler of the third house of communication (and the third sign of the zodiac), our mutable air sign rules over small talk and quick chats. Ideas, words and connection all come naturally to the cosmic twins; they're likely to keep you up to date on pop culture, too.

"Mutable signs are nimble in general, they're quick ... and because Gemini is mutable air, it's the most mutable of the mutable signs," says Aganza. This also makes Gemini the fastest of the air signs (one of the hallmark Gemini traits).


Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is also known for speed, "Gemini is one of the most spiritually evolved signs," says Aganza. "They have gifts beyond the physical world."

"The twins represent duality, dexterity and versatility," she adds. "They're the pollinators, multi-tasking, doing many things at once ... the translator, curiously self-educating. Inquisitive, precocious, and with a desire to do so many things at once, this drive can paralyze the mind.

"If you're a Gemini or Gemini-dominant, try not to get stuck in the details or get 'analysis paralysis.'"

Angelina Jolie, Naomi Campbell and Nick Kroll are some famous Geminis.


Cardinal Sign Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Libra air sign
All air signs are social, but Libra is the most social of the zodiac. Inkoly/Shutterstock

You'd be hard pressed to find an antisocial Libra; socialization is part of a Libra's well-being. While the other air signs can be quite social as well, Libra is the social butterfly of the zodiac.

As the natural ruler of the seventh house of one-to-one partnerships, Libras crave partnership most in life. Ruled by the planet Venus, this sensual air sign tends to have an incredible sense of style, eye for aesthetics and beauty and a charming energy.


This is a cardinal air sign and like other cardinal signs, is a "breath of fresh air," so to speak, here to start something new (and get a party started!).

A combination of Venusian qualities, air sign energy and cardinal power make Libra traits particularly effervescent.

"Beauty and balance are core Libran energies," says Aganza. "These individuals are motivated to bring all into harmony and balance; they want connection with other above all else, and they're pleasure loving, creating a pleasant experience with a keen sense of aesthetics. Libras know what's needed to bring a space or a relationship into balance, and they have a passion for fairness and justice."

That desire for connection can manifest in people pleasing or a craving for external validation and approval, she warns. Be mindful of this, as well as indecision.

Kim Kardashian, Venus and Serena Williams, and Hilary Duff are some famous Libras.


Fixed Sign Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 21)

Aquarius air sign
Aquarius tend to follow their own paths and are the most objective of the three air signs. Inkoly/Shutterstock

Perhaps the most objective of all three of the air signs (and the least like an emotional water sign), the water bearer of the zodiac can be a bit detached at times. This allows Aquarius to follow their own path, which leads to some (often comedic) stereotypes about Aquarians being "aliens" or not being from planet Earth. One of the hallmark Aquarius traits is not adhering to the status quo.

Aganza explains that this can lead an Aquarian to feel like the "black sheep or odd one out, feeling like they don't 'belong,' to family or community, so they gather the like-minded into groups."


The natural ruler of the 11th house of community and groups, fixed air sign Aquarius has an inherent connection to what life is like for the collective on Earth.

Ruled by the planet Saturn (in traditional astrology), they "can feel outside of the culture they are in," says Aganza. "Aquarius brings ideas to the culture and society they're in, to be built out ... imagining how things could be, could work; a different set of rules for society, a new system."

"Because they are innovators and intellectual, this can lead to aloof arrogance, stubbornness (like other fixed signs) or a superiority complex," she says.

Harry Styles and Paris Hilton are two great examples of free-spirited Aquarians.