TV Industry

Go behind the scenes of the TV industry to learn how TV shows are produced.

How U.S. Public Broadcasting Works

Public broadcasting in the U.S. is divided into NPR for radio and PBS for TV. Both have been on the air for years and remain popular, amid recurring calls for government defunding. Here's why.

Why Do Ads Say 'the Big Game' Instead of 'the Super Bowl'?

Although the NFL might seem particularly litigious, experts say the organization is just protecting itself from trademark infringement.

Now You Have Another Reason to Neflix

Here's the math behind that stat, for all you cord cutters or would-be cord cutters.

Are Super Bowl Ads Really Worth $30 Million?

Well, it depends on who else is showing commercials during the big game.

10 Most Game-Changing Developments in the TV Industry

The TV itself isn't the only thing that's changed over the last 65-plus years in the industry. Many things—some good, some, well, not so good—have contributed to America's obsession with the boob tube.

10 Highest-paid TV Actors of All Time

Cha-ching! Talk about cashing in. Most TV actors are well paid, and then there are these TV actors. Their comedies may have had us in stitches, but they were the ones laughing — all the way to the bank.

How do reality TV shows choose their cast?

Ever wonder how those crazy folks you watch on reality TV land on those shows? Are they related to the show's director or something? Nope. Reality TV producers use several methods to cast their shows.

How do they decide which TV shows to air?

It always happens. You, your mom, your neighbor and everybody else you know gets wrapped up in a new TV show, only to have the TV network cancel it. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to which TV shows survive on air. Or is there?

How do they really shoot reality TV shows?

Ever wondered how reality TV shows really film all of that unscripted insanity? No need to wonder any longer. One of the HowStuffWorks writers tells what happened when reality TV came knocking on her door.

Just how fake are reality TV shows?

Oh, reality TV: fights, scheming, double-crossing, tears and drama. All of this "unscripted" reality can't possibly be real. So what's real, and what's fake in reality TV?