How the Batsuit Works

The magnetic grappling gun is just one of the useful gadgets Batman carries on his utility belt.

Courtesy Warner Bros.; Photo: David James

The Utility Belt

Batman's utility belt is a modified, Wayne Enterprise prototype climbing harness. With an innovative gear-attachment system, Batman can grab and replace anything on the belt quickly and easily.

Batman carries a variety of non-lethal deterrents and other field equipment on his belt for crime fighting. The utility belt features:

  • Magnetic grappling gun with monofilament decelerator climbing line
  • Flexible, fiber-optic periscope (to see around corners)
  • Razor-sharp alloy, shuriken-style throwing stars (hand-ground into the distinctive Batarang shape)
  • Ninja spikes for the hands and feet (used to climb sheer walls)
  • Mini-mines and various non-lethal explosives (used to stun or confuse enemies)
  • A mini cell phone with an encrypted signal
  • Medical kit
How the Batsuit Works

The Batsuit blends aesthetics and technology to function as a total crime-fighting system.

Courtesy Warner Bros.; Photo: David James

Though it's not on his belt, one of Batman's most innovative and effective gadgets is the sonic device he carries in the heel of one of his boots. This device can be used to summon swarms of bats instantly to create mass chaos at any scene. This allows Batman to create hellish diversions or make dramatic escapes.

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