How Lightsabers Work

Cuts like a charm!

We’ve all been there before. It’s 3 p.m. at the office, and you’re positively famished. The snack machine is empty, and the only piece of food in sight is a bagel hard enough to bust windshields. You’ve snapped three plastic butter knives trying to slice the thing in half, and there’s no way it will fit in the toaster whole.

Then you remember the office lightsaber. Ten seconds later, you’re spreading cream cheese, and the low-blood-sugar monster has retreated.


It's hard to imagine life without lightsabers. We use them to ward off belligerent alien drunks, to deflect blaster bolts and to remove unwanted hair in the bikini area. Plus, meals on the go are a cinch with a little saber-grilling action.

These fabulous plasma weapons make daily life possible, yet it's easy to take the technology for granted. The household lightsaber is actually a highly sophisticated gadget, and in this article, we'll show you how it works.

So gather round, Padawans, and watch as we void the warranty on our own office lightsaber and reveal the gadgetry inside.