November 17 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Scorpios born on November 17 have the ability to read the hearts and intentions of others. Their great wisdom gives them a spiritual view of life; they refuse to get caught up in life's superficial aspects. They carry themselves with great personal dignity. Although known for their sense of humor, they know when to display it and when it's not appropriate.


Friends and Lovers

People born on this date make excellent friends. Romantically, they are intense. They believe in fate and may feel only one perfect person exists for them. If their love is not returned, or if they're unable to find their soul mate, they're likely to sink into the doldrums.

Children and Family

There often comes a time in the lives of November 17 men and women when they feel they must separate from family to achieve autonomy. This has nothing to do with problems within the family circle. They may be unsure of their abilities as parents, yet they are affectionate and caring.


Although people born on this date are not health fanatics, they understand that if they fail to handle their lives in a certain way, they'll lack the vigor and energy they need. Music has a healing effect on these people, who may use it to induce meditative states.

Career and Finances

November 17 natives gravitate to careers that let them indulge their contemplative side. They have a practical attitude toward money. They usually manage the family budget and can be critical of a mate who spends on items they believe to be frivolous.


Dreams and Goals

People born on this date seek to strike a balance between the serious and comical sides of their nature. November 17 men and women aren't hung up on labels of success. They have their own idea about what constitutes achievement.

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