July 5 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

July 5 Cancers have a profound need to live in the "now," and yet they desire to transcend time through their own actions and plans. Intelligent, shrewd, and canny, they put their own stamp upon events. They have a great love for the art of conversation. They can talk themselves into almost any situation and impress others with insightful thinking.


Friends and Lovers

Despite a strong cynical streak in their nature, July 5 people seem to have a nearly endless supply of friends. But love is an exercise in mind games for these folks. They are thoroughly turned on by wit and intelligence.

Children and Family

Because they affect a disinterested, sophisticated manner, it's hard to know just how much family life influences July 5 natives. While they seem too cosmopolitan to be the parental type, they are good in that role. Once married with children of their own, they find nurturing skills just beneath the veneer of their sophistication.


Many July 5 people can make the claim that they have never had a sick day in their whole life. With the exception of colds and flu, they are remarkably healthy, especially considering the fact that they are lackadaisical about maintaining their health.

Career and Finances

July 5 individuals have a social nature and need a career that allows them to indulge that characteristic. They do well in sales or any of the hospitality occupations, such as catering or hotel management. They are talented money managers and have the ability to handle their own finances, no matter how complicated.


Dreams and Goals

July 5 natives are ambitious but often do not possess the self-discipline to see goals through to fruition. Much of what comes to them may seem like good luck to others. But few people realize that it is their clever behind-the-scenes operations that make their goals a reality.

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