April 15 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Gifted and intuitive, an Aries born on April 15 gains inspiration from the natural world. But keeping a balance between the need to be forceful and assertive, while making their world more beautiful and harmonious, can be a tall order for April 15 natives.


Friends and Lovers

April 15 natives are people-pleasers who are sometimes willing to sacrifice honesty in a relationship in order to maintain the status quo. They often marry young and experience a great deal of personal growth and emotional maturation through marriage.

Children and Family

Their childlike innocence, sweetness, generosity, and kindness make them the darlings of their family circle. As parents, April 15 individuals have extraordinary abilities, though they find it hard to enforce discipline. The only expectation of these individuals is their children's happiness.


April 15 people have a propensity toward lethargy. Although naturally healthy and robust, they tend to favor a sedentary lifestyle. A balanced diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates is recommended.

Career and Finances

April 15 individuals require a harmonious working environment with colleagues who are pleasant and helpful. Because of their creative streak and artistic aspirations, they do well in careers such as advertising and design. They are fortunate where money matters are concerned. They attract resources without working hard to obtain them.


Dreams and Goals

April 15 individuals aspire to be loved and rely upon the acceptance of those who are dear to them. As they grow older, they become more ambitious; in later years they're likely to involve themselves in a succession of goal-oriented activities that could include going back to school or a radical career change.

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